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Play first full tennis match

Challenge • 49 takers

A challenge for those of us who have tennis lessons but have never taken the leap to playing a full tennis match. You don't need to win - just play and complete it.

Win a Tie Break

Challenge • 32 takers

End a tense and fiercely competive game by winning a tie break.

No Double Faults

Challenge • 48 takers

Show off your consistence by not hitting a single double fault in a whole set of tennis.

A Winning Lob

Challenge • 26 takers

Show off your by varing your shot selection. The challenge is to pull off a winning tennis lob, you will need alot of top spin to complete this challenge.

20 strokes tramlines rally

Challenge • 31 takers

A 20 strokes rally can be difficult enough on a whole court, but keeping the ball within the tramlines is a tough one! This challenge is for everyone, but requires a high level of accuracy and skill from both you and your partner to complete it– so choose w...

Second Serve Ace

Challenge • 23 takers

Serve up an ace on your second serve, and leave your opponent stunned at your awesome-ness.

Serving Practice - corner serves

Challenge • 35 takers

Work on your serve into the corners of the service box - for this Challenge you will need 4 tennis ball tubes placed in the corners of the service boxes, then you must hit each tube with your serve, start on the right-hand-side and hit the 2 tubes diagonall...

Social tennis - 5 match challenge

Challenge • 21 takers

Whether you play regularly with friends, colleges or attend a local social club weekly the challenge is to win 5 matches in a row _ best of three sets, against different players. You may need to brush up on your technique, improve that ground stroke or work...

Master the Kick Serve

Challenge • 25 takers

What is considered to be one of the more difficult skills in tennis, to complete this challenge you have to master a kick serve, for those who do not know this is technically very different to a top spin serve!

Improve your service accuracy

Challenge • 25 takers

This challenge is all about improving your service accuracy. When you're playing a game of tennis you want to switch up the direction of your service in order to keep your opponent guessing. Sometimes you're going to want to serve out wide and other times d...

Play tennis 3 times a week for a month

Challenge • 16 takers

The only way to improve your game is to play regularly. Consistency is really important in tennis and by playing three times a week or more you're sure to see improvement. Whether it's singles, doubles, a social game or competitive, it all counts!

Consecutive Breaks

Challenge • 12 takers

Breaking your opponents serve is hard enough once, to complete this challenge you have to break your opponents serve twice.

50 Shot Tennis Rally

Challenge • 15 takers

To attempt this challenge it has to be in a competitive game of tennis and not in practice. Rally with your opponent for more than 50 shots.

A Volley with your Wrong hand

Challenge • 14 takers

Try something new by switching the racket to your wrong hand in the middle of the point and completing a volley without your opponent realising, sneaky!

Three court challenge

Challenge • 9 takers

I have been playing tennis for years on a clay court. Recently I played on a hard-court and found my game was a lot faster. I challenge you to play a 3 or 5 set match on a clay, grass and hard-court court. Be warned this is not easy and depending on the sur...

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