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Functional training

Tribe • 909 members

As triathletes we dont have much time to get all that training in, so a gym session has got to have great value. Functional training allows you to develop strength in a way that is more intuitive and linked to the sports you do. Examples of functional mo...

Triathlon Beginners

Tribe • 800 members

This tribe is dedicated to all triathlon beginners. Feel free to share your tips and advice to help other beginners make the best of their performances and enjoying the most of their events.

Sprint Triathletes

Tribe • 547 members

500m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run. A walk in the park or leaves you broken and bruised for a month afterwards? Share your tips and advice about training and kit here.

Ironman Triathlon

Tribe • 420 members

2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon (26.2 miles 42.195 km) run. Bring. It. On. A Tribe for those people attempting an Ironman, for those that have done one before and want to reminisce about the greatest of all ultra one...

Race preparation

Tribe • 351 members

Share how you prepare for a race. How long do you taper, what check lists do you use, what do you eat, there are so many variable and not all will work for all!

Triathlon swimmers

Tribe • 331 members

The swim in a triathlon is about getting to the bike in one piece. Lets share tips links video on how to get an efficient swim and have more energy for the bike and run.

Middle Distance (1/2 Ironman) Triathlons

Tribe • 288 members

Middle distance triathlons consisting of in the region of: 1900m open water swim 50 - 56 mile cycle 13.1 mile (half marathon) run The best of all distances!!!!

Strength Training For Triathletes

Tribe • 200 members

Many people assume that training for triathlons consists of the three disciples its made up of, however strength training plays a vital part in it. Join the tribe to find out more and to share more with everyone else.

Std / Olympic Distance Triathlons

Tribe • 198 members

Enjoy the challenge of 1500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run? So do we! Join this tribe to share experiences, ask questions, review race reports, discover race locations!

Triathlon Central

Tribe • 172 members

SuperSprint Events wants to spread awareness of the deeply satisfying world of triathlon and sporting events. We have staged a few successful events such as : ITU Triathlon World Cup - Geelong 2002 - 2004 ITU Triathlon World Cup Sydney 1995 - 2000 ...

London swimmers

Tribe • 141 members

Looking to shed a few pounds or improve you fitness and tone up a bit, then this is the tribe for you! This is for all you recreational swimmer that don’t take it too seriously but want get better and still work hard! Come share your experience, get motiva...

You Can Do A Triathlon

Tribe • 102 members

Have you ever thought triathlons were for super athletes? Something an average fitness enthusiast could not achieve? Well think again. Assuming you have the basics: ability to run, ride a bike and swim, then you've got the basic building blocks of a triat...

Forever young...... the ageing wish list

Tribe • 84 members

What do you hope to acheieve and do before and after the age of 50 and why?, Tho, there dosen`t have to be a reason. I started Rugby at the age of 48 and now want to box and compete in a Triathlon.. Last year i did countless 5ks,a10k a half and Full maratho...

Love your local lido

Tribe • 76 members

Lido's took off big time in the UK in the 1930s, and lots of us have been enjoying brilliant outdoor swims ever since. Where's your local Lido? when's the best time to go for a dip? Is it open all year round? do you have a favourite, or is it all about conv...

Couch to Competition

Tribe • 55 members

Would you like to get fit for a Triathlon, Marathon, or other Sporting event? Maybe even to raise money for charity aswell as getting yourself into shape. Join the Couch to Competition Tribe where you can share your experiences with others in similar traini...

Heavy Metal Warriors

Tribe • 51 members

Rather listen to Slayer while you run? Prefer leather to lycra? Rather man-up to the elements, hunting or fighting, than following the training plan set for you in the gym? Join us, and clear that hangover with a run around the festival campsite!! \m/

Olympians Inspired Us!

Tribe • 43 members

Did the Olympics inspire you to start a sport? Are you still doing that sport or are you feeling a bit jaded? Do you get confused with terms in your sport that you don't know what they mean? Are you still as eager as you were when you started? If you can...

Off-road triathletes

Tribe • 40 members

Do you (or do you aim to) participate in off-road triathlons? Welcome to the tribe for multi-sport fans who prefer to stay away from the tarmac! Share experiences, aspirations, advice and news of upcoming events here!

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