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Triathlon Club of San Diego

Tribe • 6 members

The Tri Club of San Diego is the largest Triathlon Club in the US. While this is a wonderful club for locals in San Diego, we also help athletes from ALL OVER THE WORLD when they visit San Diego to participate in one of the many Triathlons held here...

Super Power Man Triathlon

Tribe • 8 members

So you have the ironman distance for people that want to go long, Super Power Man is for those of us who want to go shorter and work harder for each and every second. Distances Super Short Swim from 40-100m, Bike from 1-3km , Run 400-800m. Its less time con...

Passion for Triathlon

Tribe • 25 members

Hey athletes (: This tribe was created in order to gain more fans of this sport, Triathlon, but not only. Here we can discuss about any doubt, make questions, talk about things that might help us in our sports lifestyle. Anything! Be free to speak and ask ...


Tribe • 11 members

This is a tribe for those who use Suunto watches or are fans of Suunto and want to find out more. For those who upload their training data into movescount, please share your public link here so that we can all motivate and encourage each other on Movesc...

Couch to Competition

Tribe • 55 members

Would you like to get fit for a Triathlon, Marathon, or other Sporting event? Maybe even to raise money for charity aswell as getting yourself into shape. Join the Couch to Competition Tribe where you can share your experiences with others in similar traini...

Suunto Ambit - sports watch for life ?

Tribe • 11 members

I got one in July 2012 and its not been off my wrist, Compass,Stop watch, HRM, GPS and they have made the programming open source (within their own website). i have used Timex triathlon watches, Garmin, Polar they have all only lasted 1yr + and none of th...

Forever young...... the ageing wish list

Tribe • 84 members

What do you hope to acheieve and do before and after the age of 50 and why?, Tho, there dosen`t have to be a reason. I started Rugby at the age of 48 and now want to box and compete in a Triathlon.. Last year i did countless 5ks,a10k a half and Full maratho...

Irish Iron

Tribe • 17 members

The Irish men and women, who are willing to risk it all to live the dream, finishing an Ironman !!!

Olympians Inspired Us!

Tribe • 43 members

Did the Olympics inspire you to start a sport? Are you still doing that sport or are you feeling a bit jaded? Do you get confused with terms in your sport that you don't know what they mean? Are you still as eager as you were when you started? If you can...

You Can Do A Triathlon

Tribe • 102 members

Have you ever thought triathlons were for super athletes? Something an average fitness enthusiast could not achieve? Well think again. Assuming you have the basics: ability to run, ride a bike and swim, then you've got the basic building blocks of a triat...

Cheshire Triathlon Training

Tribe • 8 members

Just a bunch of like minded people who want to get together and do a little training for different distance event's. training together is safer than going alone and it's always nice to have a little company and encouragement when your hanging out at the end...

Tenby Long Course

Tribe • 7 members

Complete all three disciples, at any of the distances, at the 2013 Tenby Long Course Weekend. Choose from: 1.9/2.4km swim 42/70/112mile bike and 13.1/26.2mile run. Extra pat on the back for competing at the long course distances.

Triathletes of Ontario

Tribe • 13 members

Love swimming for a 1km, biking for 42km and running for 10km? If yes then your in good company. This tribe is all about giving support, training tips and other useful info to other Triathletes in hopes that we all improve and grow to be stronger at this e...

Impi Warriors

Tribe • 12 members

Calling all Impi Warriors! This tribe is for you guys. Just a tribe so all the people that have a passion for running around, climbing over stuff, jumping into water and sprinting over bridges that drop can get together and talk. Anybody is welcome! ...

Off-road triathletes

Tribe • 40 members

Do you (or do you aim to) participate in off-road triathlons? Welcome to the tribe for multi-sport fans who prefer to stay away from the tarmac! Share experiences, aspirations, advice and news of upcoming events here!

Deca IronMan

Tribe • 28 members

You Know the ironman triathlon ? Swim + bike + run. But a deca-Ironman is really long. Very very long. This is the equivalent of the (English) Channel crossing, followed by half a "Tour de France" cycling, and finally 10 marathons : so 0.5 million strides!...

Try a triathlon newbies to experienced.

Tribe • 35 members

New to the experience of a multisport have ago you may like it! It`s a great feeling to achieve something different challenge yourself and like how it feels!

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