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Ultramarathon (30 miles)

Challenge • 106 takers

A marathon is 26 miles 385 yards long. An ultra-marathon is any event longer. Typically, 30 miles, 50 miles, and 100 miles. There are other distances, but those are the most popular. Challenge yourself by a the first steps toward the ultra-marathon with a r...

Complete an Ultra (greater than 30 miles), ideally your f...

Challenge • 79 takers

The challenge is an ultra of at least 30 miles. Aimed at people who have never done one before but okay to take if you're a regular Ultra runner. Can be on-road, off-road, or multi-stage. The over riding criteria is greater than 30miles in tota...

Start a training diary and track your goals

Challenge • 42 takers

I've used my computer to log run times and plan training, but now I'm using The Runner's Diary and mapping out my long term goals and how I'm going to get there over the months and weeks. Join me in this challenge if you're keen to get back to an old-fashio...

Europe vs. The World First to 3,000 km

Challenge • 8 takers

I have no idea how this is going to shake out. Might be a blowout for one of the teams, might be close. Let's see who can get to 3,000 km first. This was initially North America vs. the World but it has been changed (it would have ended up very lopside...

Run to your Hometown

Challenge • 40 takers

To complement the Cycle to your Hometown challenge, I am creating the Run to your Hometown one! Challenge is simple. Regardless of how far you live from where you grew up - could be 10 miles, 100 miles or 1000 miles or more - run home. So you just have to r...

UltraMarathon (over 65km or 40miles).

Challenge • 26 takers

A marathon is 42.195km (26.2miles) long. An ultra-marathon is any event longer. Once you have passed the 30mile (48.3km) mark here is your next target 65km (40miles).

Run 30 miles

Challenge • 15 takers

June 2013, Running 31 miles (50 km). Niagara Ultra Marathon, or run one 31 miles (50km) in one shot!

Tribesports London Ultra

Challenge • 8 takers

Tribesports' flagship Ultra event, this is the ideal step-up from Marathon to Ultra Marathon for anybody wanting to test themselves at the next level. London's Capital Ring provides a wonderful way marked route which is easy to follow and can be run at mara...

Comrades Marathon 2013

Challenge • 14 takers

Distance 89km (56miles) The Ultimate Human Race. The Comrades Marathon is an ultramarathon of 90 km (55.9 mi) run in the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa. It is the world's largest and oldest ultramarathon race. The direction of the race alterna...

Sign up for your first ultra

Challenge • 7 takers

After all the interest in ultra running on tribesports this week I thought I would make this challenge. The challenge is to sign up for your first Ultra Marathon, this will hopefully give us a big target to work towards in our running training and inspire u...

Marathon des Sables

Challenge • 10 takers

7 days in over 50 degree heat running across the Sahara Desert. This is one of the most unique races in the world! Day 1 Stage 1 - 29 Km Day 2 – Stage 2 – 35.5 Kms Day 3 – Stage 4 – 40 Kms Day 4 - Stage 5 – The long one – 82.2 Kms Day 5 – Rest day D...

Complete a multi-day ultra

Challenge • 8 takers

This is a challenge for those that really like to push the limits of their body, mind, and soul. Experience the wonderful world of multi-day ultra-running and explore the world at a leisurely pace. Have fun!

Run 50 Miles in 5 Days

Challenge • 6 takers

Some serious training starts here or a build-up towards any big event. Run minimum 10 miles average a day to finish 50 miles within 5 days. You can run 10 miles each day or whatever suits you to finish this challenge off. Beginners are not encouraged pleas...

Run 60 Miles in 6 Days

Challenge • 7 takers

Some serious training starts here or a build-up towards any big event. Run minimum 10 miles average a day to finish 60 miles within 6 days. You can run 10 miles each day or whatever suits you to finish this challenge off. Beginners are not encouraged ple...

Become an ultrarunner

Challenge • 4 takers

Not an ultrarunner yet? Than focus and have it done, you need 30 miles only in one LSD or race.

London to Brighton Challenge 100km

Challenge • 5 takers

London to Brighton Challenge is a sponsored walk, jog, or run for charity. You can take part as a team or as an individual (including runners). All entrants nominate their intended pace at the time of registration. Runners enter as individuals, and must int...

Run and finish a 100km Ultramarathon

Challenge • 6 takers

Run and finish a a 100 km single stage event. This is one of most common distances for an ultra marathon and is an official IAAF world record event.

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