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Yoga is a sport with a mixture of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. Regardless of your experience level you can take new challenges, share your yoga progress and experience, help others with their poses or postural problems or seek the advice of those with more experience here on Tribesports

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Loretta A Healthy Living  Tribe

Having watched this clip, I immediately put Michael Pollan's book on my wish list. The title could also have been "what happens when you let corporations cook for us". Other memorable quotes are: "Cooking will become as quaint as quilt mak...

Kevin G Touch your toes with legs straight Challenge

Anna, flexibility has never been one of my strengths. But I took this challenge and practiced daily, no bouncing or hurting, and after only a few days I could see I was getting further down my leg. With a can do atti...

Colleen O Hand balancing(Crane pose) for  30 seconds Challenge

Contributorgold Colleen O Hmm not much approvement...


The challenge picture is misleading,showing crow pose with elbows bent. Crane pose is harder with elbows straight and no arm support. Now checking the challenge again, I actually did it with bent arm so I am going to retake this challenge. Crow pose is not much about strength, you just need to find your center of gravity and keep it at the point right above your wrists.


Don't tell me its harder than it actually is! Haha.

Ali S encouraged this.


Ok, I will keep my mouth shut! ;)

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