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Yoga is a sport with a mixture of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. Regardless of your experience level you can take new challenges, share your yoga progress and experience, help others with their poses or postural problems or seek the advice of those with more experience here on Tribesports

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Colleen O touch your forehead to your knees Challenge

Contributorgold Colleen O 20/30 Its not going to happen

Bob K and Marjorie F encouraged this.


Because I'm not flexible enough! Haha. Sitting on a plane and hard leg workouts have not lent themselves to helping me completing this in 30 day time.

Bob K encouraged this.


Sitting on a plane I get, but I know from martial arts and seeing all the different types in class that people can get flexible enough. If you can change it to a personal challenge and work past the 30 days, I bet you can do it

Colleen O and Loretta A encouraged this.


You still shine with a bit less flexibility, Colleen. :) Enjoy the journey. Destination is just a point in the future.

Colleen O and Bob K encouraged this.

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