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Abs of Steel Tribe

Here we our going to add the best tips and advice to getting your abdominal muscles up to scratch! So if you have any great training tips and exercises throw them on here!

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Kevin G Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

Personally, I would go with the 3 hard sessions in a week, rather than the implied lesser most days efforts. the body needs time to rest, adapt and grow so 3 sessions would work well. As others have said, doing other forms of cross training would...

Alexandra M Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

Contributorbronze Alexandra M I am taking the stomach vacuum challenge....any advice? This is a new movement for me....i think i got it, but not entirely sure?! :)


Just like burpees, everyone seems to have a different way of doing it. I recently watched a video in which the trainer said it's better to bend forward (keep your back slightly curved, you can lean onto a counter or a table), then exhale and do the ''vacuuming''. This helps a bit with activating the muscles faster, and it should hurt just a bit. Holding the pose for about 5-10 seconds is pretty good before slowly breathing in. This method is somehow the best for me, but you have to find what suits you.

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Vylisa A Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

Your abs are there, they're just not showing. One thing I would note is not to go too extreme with any weight based training. Being the age you are, your body is still developing and heavy weight traning can cause...

Alex D Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

Good nutrition and work will get you there, I don't think your age will stop you!  Try planks - I find those great for my core.  Maybe more than you are looking for, but I am currently doing the Insanity workout seri...

Jenn B Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

My daughter is 15 and she has a beautiful six pack, of course she has been dancing ballet since she was 4years old.   With hard work and dedication it's possible, no matter what age! :o)

Bethany Megan W Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

Using the TRX at the gym helped me a lot to start and see some definition and I'm not the biggest of people. It's all bodyweight training as I'm not the biggest fan of weights. This conditions your back and core at t...

Daniel H Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

skinny people often have abs because they have a low body fat percentage.  Start doing lifts such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses, and your abs will become more pronounced if you're already at low body fat

Daniel H Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

mountain climbers should be more beneficial than crunches.   The best direct abs exercises are hanging leg/knee raises, rollouts, and weighted cable reverse crunches.  Any excerices you can only do 6-15 reps of at a time is far more beneficial...

Mark G Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

I was interested at reading you BF numbers. Based on the male numbers I am boardering on obese. I am at 23% at the moment and looking to get down to under 20. But I can see my abs  now and in no way am i boardering on obese. I might look into the...

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