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i`m only a 16 year old male. is it possible for me to get...

Question • 8 answers

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My son is 16 5'8 amd 125 lbs. I agree the thinner you are the easier it is because of the lower body fat. My son is in track and cross country so a lot of cardio. His coach is a huge beliver in core strength so she has them on a very aggressive ab program....


4 years ago at 48 I was in the best shape of my life. Due...

Question • 1 answer

There does not seem to be many programs for women like me. I had a kidney transplant 14yrs ago. I have to stay strong. Getting weight off now is much tougher than it was before 50!!

Newest answer

I hear you there. I was in the best shape of my life a couple years ago. I am also fast moving toward menopause myself. For my the biggest thing is understanding and coming to terms with a couple of things. The weight and fitness level change did not happen...


how to get rid of love handles

Question • 8 answers

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Love handles are essentially formed of fat and thus needs to be shed.  This can only be done by combining a healthy diet with exercise.  The usual aim is for 0.5-2lbs per week and considered a healthy goal. First the theory behind weight loss.  Firstly our b...


That extra bit of hangover below the belly button?

Question • 10 answers

I've been working abs for years, and have satisfactory results on all parts of my stomach but below my belt line or the belly button. Just that extra hang over I can't seem to shake. I can't seem to find any sort of workout that feels like its working that...

Newest answer

I'm not sure, because I haven't tried it myself, but I have read that Apple Cider Vinigar helps.  Not more than a tablespoon.  Maybe there is someone out here that knows more about it... :)


Core exercises with bad back?

Question • 6 answers

I have had lower back problems for a couple of years. Along with postural improvements etc, I've been advised to work on my core strength as this will help improve my posture. The problem is lots of core excercises (especially plank) really strain my back....

Newest answer

I find reverse cruches help with that. Just make sure you put your hands under the small of your back and tighten your ab muscles to relieve the pressure from your back.


Beginner Ab Workout

Question • 6 answers

I've heard crunches shorten your stomach, as a model I would like to length my stomach not shorten it. What would be the best ab workout for a beginner to start with? Thanks! xo

Newest answer

A good beginner workout would balance the muscle worked out per session, ie the upper abdominal, lower abdominal with obliques. keep in mind to work out your lower back as well, an example would be hyperextension i recommend this beginner ab workout http:...


How to get better lower abs and essentially stronger core?

Question • 9 answers

I try really hard to get my lower abs in shape but they just keep taking their time and I don't know why x_x It annoys me because that's basically the only area where I don't see progress, and I cant keep a proper plank for more than a minute at a stretch...

Newest answer

For dance, I find that a strong core comes better from planking than crunches.


How can you level up?

Question • 6 answers

I am only on this site since yesterday, but I have a question! I noticed everyone has a level, how can you get to the next level?

Newest answer

LOL @ Tony G.   Just have fun with it Merel the level ups and medals are just bonus' to getting healthy. ;o)


im 14.. I want abs but Im not sure what workouts are goo...

Question • 15 answers

Newest answer

remember not to only focus on abs im 15 myself ive played basketball for 3 years and my six pack kinda came with it. ofc i did do lots of work for it but i didnt only focus on my abs remember to strenghten your whole core 


I hear something popping but have no idea where it's comi...

Question • 4 answers

I've been trying to get fit and lately I started doing sit-ups for the first time in a long long time. I hear something making a popping noise but I don't feel any pain or spasms. Could it still be detrimental to my body?

Newest answer

Make sure you warm up before hand, and cool down and stretch afterward. I would definately go and see physio if it persists though :)


Just want some moral support / confirmation Im on the rig...

Question • 11 answers

I'm new to tribesports, and working out in general,so just want to ask a couple of things. I calorie count and stick to 1200 - 1500 most days and this was helping with my weight loss, until I started working out. I'm doing the 30 day abs challenge and 30 da...

Newest answer

I'd agree you're on the right track. I try not to focus on the weight bizzo, and focus on my workout or training sessions for football.  If you're getting in a good routine, working out with intensity, and eating well, the rest will come more easily than y...


Hips pop while doing lower leg lifts....

Question • 6 answers

i'm trying to work my lower abs but everytime i do leg lifts, either laying down or suspended, my hips on both sides 'pop'. any ideas as to why or what's causing this and what are some othe lower ab workouts i could do?

Newest answer

I have this problem too, and from my experience it seems to be that most women do. I go to a parkour class and when we are doing this exersize all of the girls have popping hips and non of the boys.  However I have found that if you do leg raises while hangi...


Can you tell me the best exercise for ultimate abs?

Question • 10 answers

Newest answer

Lift heavy weights (squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press) and become a physical beast all over, then lower your body fat with diet. It's impossible not to have abs in this condition. I think there is no point in having abs if you are still skinny. P...


Difference between Situps&Crunches

Question • 8 answers

What's the difference between situps and crunches?

Newest answer

SitUps  - you come all the way up (chest to quads) Crunch - you only contract ur abs (no need to get your lower back off the floor) simple as that 


my body fat< 10% yet no perfect abs,,help !!?

Question • 5 answers

i was 158 lbs 2 months ago with 12.5% body fat, now reduced to 150lbs with 9% body fat yet i havn't seen a change in my abs defined upper 4 pack but i am eger to have a perfect 6 pack... how much more do i have to cut down for better definition...?? ...

Newest answer

Their is nothing wrong with your definition! I personally think its very nice :) 


hip flexor?????

Question • 5 answers

now my left leg is fine but ever time I try to do Lsit ,y right hip flexor or some muscle gets in the way. It hurts bad a flops out before my left any solutions or causes?????????

Newest answer

Overstridding will stress your hip flexors. Try to land under your hip as much as possible.


what exercises can you do to get rid of the fat in the lo...

Question • 7 answers

I'm happy with the upper abs but i can't lose the fat in the lower part of the stomach. Any advice?

Newest answer

There are a few things that make that area difficult. You can't just lose fat there. Your body will lose fat wherever it wants, not where you choose. Crunches and other ab work will do nothing for it, as it's fat you want to lose. As a girl, it will be e...


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