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Topic • 310 replies

Welcome to the Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Abs of Steel Tribe' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to...

Newest reply

Hey everyone! So I'm really "large" (high BF) but I'm hoping joining this tribe, following some programs provided on here as well as completing my 30 day challenges, will get me to the great stomach I know I can achieve. Can't wait!


10 top tips on weight training

Topic • 28 replies

1. Keep your core tight: Before any heavy lift, tighten your core muscles around your midriff. This will help protect your lower back from injury. 2. Get some balance: It isn't unusual for one side of the body to be stronger than the other, and so if you s...

Newest reply

I am no expert, but I have also be mindful some smaller muscle groups require more repetition with less weight, rather than heavy weights with less repetition.  I think this may be applicable to some of the muscles in the delts, for example.  Sure, you do h...


Are high reps crunches and sit-ups counter-productive?

Topic • 21 replies

I just read this intresting article that I would like to share with this community to get some feedback.  COuld it be true that doing high reps of crunches and sit ups are counter productive?  Let me know what you think. Here is the article: (this was in r...

Newest reply

Hi i am quite small and have a hard pot belly and i think its because of the amount of sit ups i did when i was younger (obviously wrongly) is there anyway i can reverse this or have i permanently damaged myself? 


Tribesports Problems

Topic • 22 replies

Not problems as in "Grrr, I hate Tribesports", but more "Oh, Tribesports, my own effort is making life hard." 1. I've put so much effort into completing one challenge that I don't have any more strength left to carry on with any others now.  2. I've sweat...

Newest reply

I am having an issue with the Tribesport Iphone app.  I want to log my activities via my phone as I do them (and not get sweat on my computer).  I can add exercises but cannot upload them (as in there is no "done" button).  Am I missing something?


" 2 times a week, or everyday? which is better?

Topic • 9 replies

some workout instructional advise as much use of the core as possible to build lea muscle and increase muscle fitness, while others condemn this approach in favour of 1-3 hard sessions a week giving your muscle fibers more time to recover and grow. Which do...

Newest reply

Personally, I would go with the 3 hard sessions in a week, rather than the implied lesser most days efforts. the body needs time to rest, adapt and grow so 3 sessions would work well. As others have said, doing other forms of cross training would aid overal...


ditch the spare tire

Topic • 8 replies

I've been doing multiple Ab focused workouts for a long time. I'm getting descent results, but can't seem to get my sides aka "Love Handles" to completely vanish. I'm reaching out for some thoughts and help.

Newest reply

I stay away from processed food (98% of the time). No one's perfect, and we all cheat on a diet here and there. When I do, to make up for it; I either add more time to my workout, do an extra workout, or complete a couple T.S. challenges. Like Monica S. sai...


" 2 times a week, or everyday? which is better?

Topic • 5 replies

some workout instructional advise as much use of the core as possible to build lea muscle and increase muscle fitness, while others condemn this approach in favour of 1-3 hard sessions a week giving your muscle fibers more time to recover and grow. Which do...

Newest reply

The best aspect of exercise is recovery - work on a muscle group then let it recover for a few days - in the interim work on another muscle group.


ABS for 1 month ? Possible or Impossible ?

Topic • 14 replies

Hi everyone ! I want to know if i have healthy food and good exercise can i have abs for 1 month ? 

Newest reply

Thanks guys, this is awesome!! I love the feedback. Really encouraging :-)


Okay, let's be honest... Are your goals more aesthetic, ...

Topic • 41 replies

Simple, do you just want to look absolutely fantastic? or is it more a health orientated thing? or are you an athlete trying to better yourself? Go

Newest reply

My priority is to get faster, stronger (core+legs+upper), being able to jump higher and feel good. In the process, I want to remove the extra fat from the body and have a decent looking body. Why would anyone like a body which is out of shape? Mmm, NO...


Percentage body fat

Topic • 6 replies

So I've read that abs are "cooked" in the kitchen lol! And that the trick is to reduce body fat to a certain percentage....what does this mean? How does one know one's percentage body fat? 

Newest reply

Hi Carmen,  here is a link for an article about body fat that includes a chart from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and also a series of pictures which are a visual representation of body fat percentage.  I like the pictures as it gave me a fair...


You want abs? Stop wasting your time with direct abdomin...

Topic • 25 replies

Truth. You're wasting your time. Stick to heavy compound lifts - leg press, squats, deadlifts. These all increase core strength massively compared to wasting your time doing a million crunches. And then really look at your diet. Remove all the sh...

Newest reply

Daniel H, you've developped strong abs doing compound lifts, excellent! How long can you hold a perfectly straight front lever? You want a six-pack ; well lowering your body fat is the only thing you need (and the only one that will work). You want a stro...


Gym, insanity workout and abs

Topic • 14 replies

Hello, I'm 15 and I'm pretty good shape. I've been going to the gym for around 1.5 years and I have great resuls. I have a flat stomach, 37.8cm in my arm, pretty nice chest and all that. What I am wondering is that during this time I never really did any ab...

Newest reply

Great send me a friend request.  My name is Kelly Germain on facebook.  My support group is great.  Everyone is really motivated to get in shape for the summer.


Should we be doing less abdominal exercises?

Topic • 30 replies

I saw this really interesting article from Ultra Fit and want to share this with you.  I currently do abs exercises nearly every day with high reps and am wondering whether I should do less.  Where do you stand on this issue?   Getting a Marvellous Mid...

Newest reply

The whole reason why I personally do abdominal exercises is because I hurt my back a few years ago and by strengthening my abdominals it helps to protect my back etc. So I would say that people should change their perspective about why they want a strong...


Hostgator coupon?

Topic • 0 replies

I found few working Hostgator coupon codes at this blog The author says these are the maximum discount coupon codes for Hostgator, but do you know any other coupon which can save me lot more when buying web hosting from Hostg...

The biggest short cut to rock hard abs you ask??

Topic • 66 replies

Well the answer is easy. Develop a conscious. Teach yourself nutrition is good and cheating is bad. I have developed extreme self control around my diet to the point where I am a diet jedi. Seriously. You have to be hard on yourself. Every time you ch...

Newest reply     Nutrawhey.  Source from the world's most reputable dairy company - Fonterra.  Pure Whey - Whey is the fasted absorbed protein.  That's why it's common in post workout shakes. I...


I need to help getting rid of the belly please!

Topic • 28 replies

Hello everyone.  I am new on here and totally loving it already.  I am also in need of advice please. 2 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy and I lost myself for a bit.  So weighing 12 odd stone and being miserable I decided to get myself back on track...

Newest reply

Jillian definitely tones those arms doing lots of press ups in various forms! Good luck let me know what you think it's only about £6 on Amazon make sure you get 30 day shred as she does loads of DVDs including a shred with weights which I don't think is as...


Complex Carbs..?

Topic • 11 replies

I have switched mainly to eating only complex carbs and whole grain or multi grain food. Is this enabling or hindering me from getting the results I want in my abdominal area?

Newest reply

Great advice guys..its helped alot! I am just in a tight spot. I am doing P90X daily and also running around 2 miles as well. I have tried cutting back on the carbs (even whole wheat) but then I feel as if I dont have energy enough to work out. Am I doing...


Abs of steel are not about nutrition are they

Topic • 14 replies

This is the "abs of steel" tribe and I keep reading that having abs of steel is 50%, 60% maybe even 70% or 80% about diet. Really? Surely abs of steel is about good honest hard work and big focused high intensity exercise? A 6 pack might be about bodyfat...

Newest reply

Thank you, Terri!  Ti's indeed something I feell very strongly about. Appreciate your comment!


A perfect diet for abs??

Topic • 12 replies

what is generally the perfect diet to get rid of the un wanted fat around the abdominal area?? Anybody any advice for me?? I Can do the training its just the diet I need to perfect. 

Newest reply

i take vagan deit any sugesstion how can i improve my protine intake


6-pack nutrition

Topic • 13 replies

Hi everybody, I'm new here and pretty excited by doing sports again, after about 5 years of smoking/drinking and basicly nothing healthy besides cooked food (and I'm not so sure that was really healthy as well). Anyways, I was doing swimming for 3 years whe...

Newest reply

I am also working on mine at the moment, it is a lot harder than i thought to get the defined 6 pack abs that i am going for. Everything i explained above was exactly what i struggled with. I have changed my mindset and decided i never had a 6 pack and i...


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