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Become a better cyclist

The Tribe for competitive cyclists and those who want to improve to share guides and training tips.

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Alan C Become a better cyclist Tribe

I moved to speedplay zero pedals with the cleat in the shoe a while ago but over the time I was in SPDs I had a couple of close calls getting out of them and there seems to be a regular theme on TS about people fearing they will not be able to get...

Cags R Become a better cyclist Tribe

As an act of goodwill to all cyclists, here is the place to share your top tips you learned through experience which you wish you'd known sooner!

Whether it's a safety tip, a technique or advice on kit, share your experiences and help us all beco...

Jonathan H Become a better cyclist Tribe

I think its more likely to have been steam than smoke.  After all that exertion, you would have a layer of perspiration on you, and that would be evaporating.  It doesn't need to be very cold for that to happen, just...

Cags R Become a better cyclist Tribe

To me, I apply the same logic as why I won't buy a lighter bike - I don't mind working a bit harder on the bike and saving myself a shed load of money! Just thought it was an interesting video and article - btw here's the original Evans piece: htt...

Neil J Become a better cyclist Tribe

I'd agree with what has already been posted about cadence and bike fit. I tend to have a naturally high cadence. I only change cycling shoes when I can no longer stand the musty smell emanating from them :-P

Robin R Become a better cyclist Tribe

Sports-iqsilver Robin R answered the question Wheels

i Have a set or Rolf Elans about 1300g for a pair  very good for climbing and technical courses. if you use a site like top cash back and say buy you wheels at evens you could save £30 or more pounds on a set of your...

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