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Strengthen your legs and improves your balance

Guide • 1 response

To improve stride stability during running, you need muscles stronger and more resistant: not just muscles capable of lifting heavy loads, but muscles able to contract more optimally, by measuring the tension needed at every stride and recruiting the right...

Improving your 10km time

Guide • 1 response

Hey guys, I found this pretty nifty little chart with benchmarks that will help you reach your 10km target. I'll be joining a 10km run in two weeks and based on the time that I clock on that run, I'll move up the t...

Breathing for better distance running – the Chi Running a...

Guide • 0 responses

We can live for weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without air so it goes without saying that breathing is somewhat important in the scheme of things. Most of our breathing is subconscious but we can consciously control our breath rate...

Is your running a pain in the neck: Avoiding Common Runni...

Guide • 2 responses

  The Chi Running approach to avoiding common running mistakes    Mistakes are often made when we are unaware. By understanding three straight-forward concepts, you will reduce mistakes and many common problems associated with running can be eliminated....

Why low rep, high weight squats are GREAT for your runnin...

Guide • 0 responses

Yet more empirical proof, lest you need convincing, that progressive strength training will help your running performance.   In this stunning study, runners increased their time to exhaustion at VO2 max by 20% in just 8 weeks doing 4 sets of 4 Back Squats ...

4 simple steps to good form

Guide • 2 responses

When you start running barefoot or in minimalistic shoes you will notice that your running form is different from what you do in normal cushioned running shoes. I noticed the differences quickly but the guide that is attached was the point that helped me un...

DIY Energy Bars

Guide • 2 responses

got this from Runners World ..might have to try this out ..   . Have just completed my first half and nearlypassed out before the end ..  so i am thinking i needed to take on board some energy  at some point  in my run ...  might just try these .. Banana...

...become a stronger runner

Guide • 2 responses

Lower body strength can certainly help you run more comfortably, but can it make you run faster? The answer is an unambiguous, yes. The stronger your lower body muscles are, the better a runner you become. One of the key things to remember as you train is t...

Preventing running injury

Guide • 3 responses

  Health&Nutrition Preventing Running Injuries - the latest research. June 29, 2012 By Alex Hutchinson Running injuries - Low iron levels can mean less energy, slowing you down on the run. Photo by Andreas Pollok/Cultura/Aurora Photos Photo by Charlin...

How to race a 5k

Guide • 21 responses

From a very intelligent/strong racer - an individual from "Love the Half." I wanted to share this information with you all: If you want to run your best 5K, disregard anything you ever heard about going slow. A 5K is way too short to make...

Getting better with age

Guide • 7 responses

Inspirational that someone has set a goal of running 100 marathons! 


Guide • 0 responses

Interval training will really help to increase your cardio level AND burn fat faster. Check out the tribes on interval training for get tips on getting started.

A Stronger 5K

Guide • 11 responses

  So, what is the best workout for 5K training? If you follow the rule of specificity, which says that you should practice running using workouts that are as similar to your goal as possible, running a 5K would be the best workout. That makes a lot of sens...

The best ways to motivate yourself to run regularly

Guide • 9 responses

Getting yourself up and motivated to run and on a regular basis does not happen on its own. Just like you schedule your runs, you also have to plan to get (and keep) yourself motivated to run. Some people are good at getting themselves in the groove for...

Top tips for running in hot weather

Guide • 11 responses

Running in heat and humidity can put you at risk of many things, including dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. General knowledge applied with a little common sense is key to avoiding problems. Here are a few points to think about Ch...

The guide to running hydration

Guide • 8 responses

The two major causes of fatigue in running are a loss of fluid and a reduction in the body’s carbohydrate stores. The need for fluid intake before, during and after exercise is linked very closely to the need to maintain an optimum body temperature. Mu...

How to Weight Train for Sprinting

Guide • 1 response

The quest to improve your sprint speed can take many forms. Track and hill sessions are of course a large part of any runner’s training but weight or resistance training is important too, and not just for variety. A good weights plan will develop the str...

Be a stronger runner – do less running

Guide • 2 responses

Odd as it may sound, cutting down on your running mileage can actually benefit you and make you a much stronger and less injury-prone runner. This is particularly true in the case of people whose focus is on training for a marathon or an ultra running event...

Why is running on the beach so good for you?

Guide • 3 responses

Why running on the beach is so good for you.  1.       Running on sand is easier on your joints.  The sand absorbs the impact of your stride, creating less impact for your feet, ankles and knees to absorb. 2.       You can improve your balance....

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