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Ok...I'm just going to throw this out there, no matter ho...

Question • 13 answers

I'm at the amazing age of 45 by the way .... blushing. Is this normal? Does this happen to you all (male/female)? Signed up for a few races this summer and want to be prepared.

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Jenn looks like you know what to do in every situation.


Do people find it easier to run alone or with someone?

Question • 33 answers

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for me it depends on the run! if its my long run i enjoy it because of a few reasons it can seem quite lonely after 2-3 hours on your own and i find normally that we have different strong points i generally peak towards the end of a race and struggle with t...


How many days a week do you run?

Question • 23 answers

How many days do you think it is best to run a week? Everyday? Every other day? Why

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I recently started running and the first week I ran I attempted to run on back to back days. It did not work for me because they second day run, my time was worse and my legs felt heavy.  Since I have been running more frequently my legs abs and back are st...


treadmill running

Question • 5 answers

I have been running a lot on the treadmill this winter since i hate running in the cold. I set the incline to about 2%. Is this in any way equal to hills? I'm not sure what incline% would be helpful.

Newest answer

1-2% is like the wind resistance you would feel outside. This is a good incline for most of the run on a treadmill. If you go higher that is like running uphill, but you dont want to stay at that steep of an incline too long and risk injury. FYI... I love...


cross training

Question • 6 answers

I'm running 3-4 times a week and was wondering if it is of more benefit to rest on the other days or do some cross training say with weights or elliptical? I have registered for a 10k in April and I am thinking about doing a half marathon in the fall. I run...

Newest answer

I like to put in a session on the bike on my 'rest' days Jeff


Kinesio tape for plantar fascia injury

Question • 10 answers

Enjoying a bout of plantar fascia pain and have found a number of articles on the use of kinesio tape to treat and help recovery. Here's a link to one: Has anyone else used this tape for ...

Newest answer

I had pain in my knee same as IT band, thing to help me was golf ball and massage on my thigh helping in better circulation. If for any one golf ball is too hard start with a tennis ball and then after some time move to golf ball. Pain is gone but now my pro...


Sex before a race

Question • 12 answers

Is there any documented evidence regarding sex the night before a race, in terms of affecting your race performance the day after?

Newest answer

I would say if that is what is on your mind before a big race, your not that focusing on racing, just saying


Interval training

Question • 7 answers

I pretty much run at the moment for enjoyment and less about the speed, however i would like to get faster if possible...any tips on interval training?

Newest answer

I agree with a few of the responses. The Treadmill can be a great challenge to help you succeed and increase your timing. Try split intervals at increasing speads. Speed 6.0 for 3 minutes, Speed 7.0 for 3 minutes, Speed 8.0 for 3 minutes, etc. 


Is anyone out there use Nike+ to monitor their training?

Question • 8 answers

I use this platform and was hoping there may be other members who do the same, and I could add you as a 'friend' to see what training you were doing etc? Any takers let me know and I can friend you!!!

Newest answer

I log runs using nike+ manually but I find garmin much better for actual GPS and data. I do use nike coach feature to structure my marathon prep. 


Pulled Groin :o(

Question • 9 answers

This is the first time I've ever pulled a groin. Please advise on steps I should be taking for quick recovery.......

Newest answer

That's terrible! I would sleep with a pillow between your legs for cushioning. And, after a little bit of recovery, some light stretching. 


Has anyone any breathing technique advice?

Question • 13 answers

I feel the only area I struggle with is breathing, the rest of my body always feels good, I just struggle at times to breathe!

Newest answer

Think the usual technique is breathe in for 3 and out for 2. Make sure that your out breath starts on alternate feet supposed to help stop stitches.


Inspiring books about running - any recommendations?

Question • 22 answers

I have read "Born to run", "Eat and Run (Scott Jurek)" and "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" so far and I find all three very inspiring in different ways. Any ideas what I should read next?

Newest answer

Unbroken is really good!  My first running book was «My first 100 marathons» by Horowitz.  After that, you might end up booking a few planes tickets :-)   Great question and a lot of great suggestions!!  will add a few to my reading list!


Running shoes for beginners

Question • 20 answers

I've literally just started running (today was my first ever run) And I've realised that i went running in trainers which are circa 10 years old!!!  I've read lots of questions about favourite running shoes, but what's recommended for beginners, within a re...

Newest answer

I use addidas and reebok however I also use an insert as I tend to pronate. Getting checked by an athleteics coach and/or physio may well be best method to determine how your foot is shaped and the mechanics of how you walk and run


What is your preferred gel for endurance events?

Question • 13 answers

Just wondering what gels everyone uses in endurance events, are any better than others? What ones have you found gave you GI issues and which ones gave a good balance of fast/slow energy release. At the moment I'm thinking GU has to be my go to gel for long...

Newest answer

Hi Jill thanks for your answer, unfortunately the Clif Shot range isn't easy to find in Oz, but I will see if I can order some online. I was also looking at salt tablets for the bike, glad to hear they actually work.


Preferred headphones

Question • 19 answers

I personally love listening to my own music tastes when running. I find that I do run faster and last longer when I have some of my beats to listen to. However, I usually use earbuds instead of head banded ear phones but I find that the buds always fall out...

Newest answer

Oh I got my yurbuds, they are awesome, the only complaint is there is not much base compared to my sonys.


How realistic is it to get from 2k to 7k in 6 weeks?

Question • 14 answers

I love running through the country side with hills and run twice as far as I can in the city. As soon as I get back to a long flat area in the city I start to struggle and I can only run 2k. Proper half marathon training starts at the end of january (12 wee...

Newest answer

hi chrissy may i ask how many times you run a week 


Does anyone know how to upload/ convert a Nike+ treadmill...

Question • 2 answers

No problem with the outdoor runs but I'd also like to track my treadmill runs. Thanks in advance!

Newest answer

thanks, Map my run seems to work just fine for  the past 30 days part of Nike+ but Strava doesn't seem to work for that at all. Thanks, Alan, I had never tried map my run but it seems pretty cool! 


What do you wear during winter running?

Question • 17 answers

I'm going to be doing more and more running and I refuse to let the winter weather dictate when/if I do it. Winter temps are normally about 40 F with biting winds in my area that bring the apparent temp down to the teens. Any suggestions on what I should we...

Newest answer

merino wool is the best! You'll stay warm but not get to hot. Merino tights if it's real cold, merino wool base layer top and always wear a head band and fingerless gloves made of merino wool too! it's awesome i feel invinsible going out in the cold;) ice b...


Can someone help me develop a training programme?

Question • 4 answers

Ok, so last year I started making some very real progress with my fitness - but then my life was turned inside out when my ex just handed over my kids. Great, I got my kids. Not so great, my fitness has suffered. Recently got back into it and while I'm e...

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