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Ruck Sack for Petit Females

Question • 4 answers

A female friend of mine (5'4'') is looking for a back pack for running. can anyone recommend a good comfortable small pack suitable for running with (large enough for a change of cloths) that would suit someone short. Thanks

Newest answer

I am that size and commute run all the time. Arcteryx is definitely my favorite - - right amount of pockets and sections, breathable, not heavy but wi...


Anyone using Galloway's run/walk method for half marathon...

Question • 4 answers

Half marathon in 5 weeks - I started training in November but had to stop due to back problems - started again 4 weeks ago, fitness is coming back quite quickly but I doubt I can run all the way, so am thinking of using the run/walk method for both the trai...

Newest answer

I will be using it in a half marathon on Sunday (3 days away!!). I have used it all through my training and am gradually changing the balance so I run more than I walk & my intent is to be able to run the whole distance eventually. It works for me & has go...


Constant problems with calf muscles - any advice?

Question • 11 answers

For a few years, I've been having trouble getting into running because almost every time I try, I end up pulling my calf muscles, sometimes to the point that walking will be problematic for a couple of days. I'm beyond fed up with it. Stretching before, dur...

Newest answer

I use to suffer with calf cramps and I pulled both my calf muscles over a period of about 18 months, I was told by a sports therapist to take magnesium supplements and I've had no problems since


Ideas on which shoes can help improve natural running mot...

Question • 14 answers

Hey guys, so I've been running in Vibrams for a while now to develop my forefoot striking motion. As is to be expected, the Vibrams are starting to wear out so I was wondering if any of you know of what to look for in shoes that will help keep that forefoot...

Newest answer

Nobody even considers true skin to the ground barefoot? Lasts forever.


How to stay in shape with one arm in a cast

Question • 6 answers

Broke my arn last sunday. Hit the deck with my bike going app.30kph. No running, cycling or swimming for the next few weeks. What to do to stay in shape? Usualy I run 2 times weekly, once a week a 1/2 Marathon and a 50 or 70 km cycling tour per week.

Newest answer

The jarring is one of the biggest problems. I broke my wrist and tore my shoulder last Oct. it wasn't a clean break, lots of damage. I tried to go for a jog about 4 weeks after. And again a few weeks after that. Neither attempt was good and caused more trou...


What Three Words best describe YOU

Question • 21 answers

How would people sunmmarise themselves in 3 words, within a fitness and health environment and in normal everyday life. are they different, if so, why?

Newest answer

Determined, driven, dedicated.


How to get rid of Shin Splints and leg aches.?

Question • 6 answers

I am running for last more than 1 yr. but I never had any problem. May be because I had been running on treadmill n was using Sauna and steam bath after it, but I never had any Shin Splints or other such kind of nagging pain. But since this january I starte...

Newest answer

Hi Punit, you have all good source of information already from many tribesports users.  I created a guide from my one my training guides to my runners I train.  Here is the link, see if you fi...


Shin Splints and Naggin Pain in legs

Question • 1 answer

Newest answer

Punit, see these links: Good luck :)  


Is there any way to control heart rate without losing speed?

Question • 11 answers

Lately I've been trying to work on increasing my running speed, but my heart beats so fast I start to get tunnel vision and have to slow down to a walk or jog. I can't seem to run any faster than 10min/mile. I want to run a half marathon in November and def...

Newest answer

Just a left field suggestion, but to add to what fantastic information you have already been given maybe get someone who is a decent runner to go out with you and check your form. You may be running 'hunched' over and as such making it a bit tough to breath...


Do you have a love/hate relationship with running?

Question • 14 answers

I started running in January and I have to say as of yet I don't really enjoy it. I can go out and feel really good after but more often than not I dread it. I am really trying to enjoy it but just feel like it goes in waves of me enjoying it and then absol...

Newest answer

Yes. Sometimes I enjoy it, I run a comfortable pace and feel good afterwards. Other times, its hard, uncomfortable and not so great afterwards.


Ok...I'm just going to throw this out there, no matter ho...

Question • 14 answers

I'm at the amazing age of 45 by the way .... blushing. Is this normal? Does this happen to you all (male/female)? Signed up for a few races this summer and want to be prepared.

Newest answer

It's psychological with me.  No matter how much I wee before a race/run, I always need to go once I start and up until about 3k.  Then it passes.


Do people find it easier to run alone or with someone?

Question • 35 answers

Newest answer

It depends. I have someone I run with on Tuesdays every week, and he pushes me to not quit when I want to. I like running by myself, too though because it is my time to think and just be by myself. 


How many days a week do you run?

Question • 23 answers

How many days do you think it is best to run a week? Everyday? Every other day? Why

Newest answer

I recently started running and the first week I ran I attempted to run on back to back days. It did not work for me because they second day run, my time was worse and my legs felt heavy.  Since I have been running more frequently my legs abs and back are st...


treadmill running

Question • 5 answers

I have been running a lot on the treadmill this winter since i hate running in the cold. I set the incline to about 2%. Is this in any way equal to hills? I'm not sure what incline% would be helpful.

Newest answer

1-2% is like the wind resistance you would feel outside. This is a good incline for most of the run on a treadmill. If you go higher that is like running uphill, but you dont want to stay at that steep of an incline too long and risk injury. FYI... I love...


cross training

Question • 6 answers

I'm running 3-4 times a week and was wondering if it is of more benefit to rest on the other days or do some cross training say with weights or elliptical? I have registered for a 10k in April and I am thinking about doing a half marathon in the fall. I run...

Newest answer

I like to put in a session on the bike on my 'rest' days Jeff


Kinesio tape for plantar fascia injury

Question • 10 answers

Enjoying a bout of plantar fascia pain and have found a number of articles on the use of kinesio tape to treat and help recovery. Here's a link to one: Has anyone else used this tape for ...

Newest answer

I had pain in my knee same as IT band, thing to help me was golf ball and massage on my thigh helping in better circulation. If for any one golf ball is too hard start with a tennis ball and then after some time move to golf ball. Pain is gone but now my pro...


Sex before a race

Question • 12 answers

Is there any documented evidence regarding sex the night before a race, in terms of affecting your race performance the day after?

Newest answer

I would say if that is what is on your mind before a big race, your not that focusing on racing, just saying


Interval training

Question • 7 answers

I pretty much run at the moment for enjoyment and less about the speed, however i would like to get faster if possible...any tips on interval training?

Newest answer

I agree with a few of the responses. The Treadmill can be a great challenge to help you succeed and increase your timing. Try split intervals at increasing speads. Speed 6.0 for 3 minutes, Speed 7.0 for 3 minutes, Speed 8.0 for 3 minutes, etc. 


Is anyone out there use Nike+ to monitor their training?

Question • 8 answers

I use this platform and was hoping there may be other members who do the same, and I could add you as a 'friend' to see what training you were doing etc? Any takers let me know and I can friend you!!!

Newest answer

I log runs using nike+ manually but I find garmin much better for actual GPS and data. I do use nike coach feature to structure my marathon prep. 


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