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Topic • 345 replies

Welcome to the Become a Stronger Runner Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Become a Stronger Runner' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce...

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I've been running off and on for the last few years but have never felt I have been a particularly strong runner. I am signing up for my first marathon this year and so would like to be a stronger runner. Looking forward to the discussions!


8K in 40m obese

Topic • 0 replies

Im 17.2 stone and have been running six months to lose weight, but im really starting to enjoy it now. when i started i was 21 stone and i just today ran 8K in 40:27 is this any good for a non overweight person? and any tips for getting it down lower? . Im...

Too much running bad for your health??

Topic • 25 replies

Don't want to say too much, just thought I would share this link and ask what you all think because I know there's a bunch of avid runners on here.

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I get coached by a trainer and she designs a programme but in the programme it says that i have run every single day for 4 hours so i can improve on my distance and my pace.


I need to get my 1/2 marathon time under 2hours help!!!!!

Topic • 4 replies

I recently completed my 3rd 1/2 marathon and still not under 2 hours!  Does anyone have any good advise on good speed training workouts or any other tips  im certainly doing the kms but clearly not the right way!

Newest reply

Im going for the sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon too.  Speed intervals and fartleks always appear whenever I've looked at training plans for a sub 2 HM.  Must say I'm starting to focus a bit more on my core (thanks Tribesports challenges!!) so hopefully a more stab...


Real Change?

Topic • 11 replies

Like many people I very excited when TS announced that it was going to have its own clothing brand, I even backed it along with the 1817 other people. One of the key points of the TS manifesto was “our products will be up to 40% cheaper than the same quali...

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Where I am at in Montana it is an extremely cheaper option than what I have found other places. I am sure like anything, with shopping around you can find a better deal on things. Fo me it is about quality first. I could go into Target and buy a lot of C9 g...


Do interim distance PB's count when running a longer race?

Topic • 5 replies

Ran a half marathon last weekend, recorded my fastest first 7km and 10km splits, but not my fastest half marathon. I don't consider the interim PBs as valid, it would make no difference whether my HM was or wasn't a PB. So I am a single PB person for the...

Newest reply

DId you have a great first half Kevin? I most certainly did Jane, it was brill, even though I had to run with an injury that made completing it the objective rather than time based. I did an update on my 'Convert 5000 run / walk miles challenge' on 4th o...


Core StrengthTraining for Runners

Topic • 17 replies

I tend to run alot, however hear alot about core strength training and its use for runners. What exactly is core strength and how do i increase it, the only exercise i do apart from running in pushups and the occasional sit up.......a little help withthis w...

Newest reply

I believe in core strenght since I have been getting injuries for just running and not getting my body strong enough. I have piriformis syndrome and I have been trainning a lot at the gym to get rid of it and it is working.  I strained my piriformis do...


"The Cool Impossible" by Eric Orton

Topic • 3 replies

Just finished reading "The Cool Impossible" by Eric Orton. Tremendous book, and I recommend it to all runners. You can read more about it in my review here, and even win a signed copy (US only). Thanks!

Newest reply

Yes indeed. The slant board was the key thing for me, being able to do the stability exercises & build strength in my legs ready to run barefoot / with minimalist shoes. Eric rocks!


An interesting article about the effects of rest after in...

Topic • 4 replies Over the past year, there have been many articles written on the effects of rest as well as the perils of incomplete rehab. In each of these articles, it was mentioned that rest is...

Newest reply

My sports therapist encourages me to run after most treatments.  If things are pretty tight he'll tell me to take a week off of running, but do elliptical instead.  I have been seeing him pretty steadily for a couple different issues since May and all told...


How to Run Faster

Topic • 7 replies

Apologies if this has been posted already.... Just stumbled across this webcast focusing on 'how to run faster'!

Newest reply

Thanks :P


The slowest generation?

Topic • 88 replies

I found this interesting, yet kind of depressing article: What do you guys think?

Newest reply

This race sells itself as a 5km with a party at the end - - I kinda think this embodies the rant from the original article (but definitely think it would make running more fun) That Neonvibe 5km run looks almost identical to...


15k training plan

Topic • 3 replies

I have no aspirations of doing longer distances anymore, and I'd like to do a 15k next year.  However, I can't seem to find a good 15k training plan.  Anyone have any plans or just good suggestions?  Thanks!

Newest reply

Further to this, I was about to post a similar question.  Ran 10k for the first time in my life on Saturday and am about to start training for a "Length of the Lake" (67km) relay and I have the first leg which is 15km.  However, the first 2km is "Hard, stee...


Train in miles to race in Kilometers..

Topic • 20 replies

So, whilst out on my run this morning had started to form a 'cunning' plan..... Why not do all my trining/casual runs in Miles so that the Kilometer races 'may' appear shorter/easier. For example whilst training for a 5Km race/parkrun - why don;t I train...

Newest reply

Every distance requires different training aproach. You cant train for 100m sprints doing 5-10mile runs.. as different energy systems applys. Same for 5km race you need to train all : speed, speed endurance and endurance and even strengh. One 5mile run is...


What runs through your mind when you run?

Topic • 57 replies

Some people get lost in their music when they run; I prefer to think while I run.  What runs through  mind?

Newest reply

Recently I try to think about my cadence - I'm trying to run faster by shortening my stride and increasing my cadence. It does feel better but its still early days. I like to listen to rock music or sometimes classic fm, but i too constantly have to fight w...


Breathing strategies

Topic • 18 replies

Breathing is a critical part of running and is a key factor in your performance.  Let's discuss how we learned to relax and control our breathing.  In my early years of running when I found I was breathing erractic and need to calm my breathing down I would...

Newest reply

I've always been told to breath in through my nose and out through my mouth but I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen that way.  I have to breath thorugh my mouth at all times.  The only time I really struggle with breathing is when it is hot, humid/mug...


Disappearing boobs!!

Topic • 61 replies

Maybe one for the ladies here (guys, you're welcome to give avdice if you have any).  I've been going to the gym for 2 years and have started running in the last few months.  I've noticed my boobs are getting smaller.  I know this will be due to weight loss...

Newest reply

i dont normally comment in fields as this but I have just got home from staying with my mother who said and I quote... 'wow you  look incredible, you look so fit you  have lost so much weight, I wish my breasts were as small as yours!!!'  i am trying to...


Why do I run?

Topic • 48 replies

I run because it warms my body on these cold winter days. I run because I feel stronger. I run because I feel thinner. I run because it makes me feel good. I run because I want to be fit. I run because I like the way I look with a flushed face. I run becaus...

Newest reply

I run because: 1. It is a great way to stay in shape. 2. It is cheaper than a therapist. 3. Nothing else makes me feel this good about myself.  


How much to run? Is a short am and pm run a good idea?

Topic • 14 replies

Some weeks are busier than others. Is squeezing in a short run in the morning and then evening a good idea for long distnace endurance training? 3 to 4 miles each seession. 

Newest reply

Any run is better than no run! But you will not be able to build an endurance base this way, hopefully you will have a LSD run, a relaxed run, and speed work or  a tempo run. There are so many resources on the net to search, good luck. ps. don't do too mu...


Knee pain after running

Topic • 9 replies

After months of long fast walks, last week I tried to jog with my friend, and I succeed to jog 6km!:)) It was fantastic and I have started to jog 6km 3 times a week. But after my last jog, unfortunately, I felt a terrible pain on my left knee, and it stil...

Newest reply

Hey Murude,  How is the knee pain?  I have developed a bit of tendonitis myself. :P Apparently I pushed myself a bit too hard last Sunday. My lower quad above me knee feels like there is a heavy bag sitting on it under the a knee hat. :P Inflamati...


What to eat before a race

Topic • 42 replies

What do you usually have before going to a race? How long before an event do you eat? I've tried having bread and eggs for breakfast before my first run, and I felt like I got heavier. But I get all dizzy when I don't take anything. I need your thoughts on...

Newest reply

I practice what I am going to eat race day on my long runs on the weekend. I have experemented with bannans and bagle with penutbutter. When I did my full marathon I ate avocados and a bagle. The important thing is to know how your body reacts to the food c...


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