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Beginner Marathon Runners

Running your first marathon is nerve racking - the training looks daunting, and the thought of running for several hours, non-stop just seems absurd. But the marathon holds an allure that draws hundreds of thousands to take it on each year.

This is the Tribe to share your thoughts, your plans, training advice, and of course to share those pre-race nerves!

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Kevin G Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Great effort in training for a marathon Nelson, I hope the pains wear off. This might be a statement of the obvious but I am going to say it anyway. A 20 mile run pre taper should be used to mimic race day in terms o...

Pawel D Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Hi, I'm new on TS and not much older consider running. I've been doing this for three years and I've done a couple of shorter running races like 5k, 10k and 15k. I've been preparing for the marathon two years ago but simply got overtrained. Yes, I...

Jessica I Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Don't worry too much Nicola. I should be at that stage by now myself since my marathon in March 2nd, but I got a severe sprain at the end of a race November 9 that had me in a walking boot for 4 weeks. I am just now getting my long run back up to...

Lynnette L Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Lynnette L Just did my 1st marathon on the 1st of December. No training as I had no time but I jogged the 1st 12km and basically walked the rest of the way, stopping every now and then to rub my aching feet. Completed it in 8 hours and felt good! Gonna try and do another next year but will train for it and try to finish in 7 hours this time.

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Fit Wasted . Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Contributorsilver Fit Wasted . Training for a marathon? #1 tip...replace your shoes every 200-300 miles. #2 tip...follow a specific training schedule. Most marathons provide a schedule on their website. Otherwise, there are numerous schedules on the web.

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