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Bike Maintenance

A place to share bike repair instructions, tips, and recommended tools. As a beginner, learn the basics to maintain your bike so it runs like new all the time. As an experienced tinkerer, celebrate your latest wheel build or bottom bracket replacement. Never take your bike to the shop for repair again!

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Louise B Bike Maintenance Tribe

Contributorsilver Louise B I know nothing about bike maintenance, really really bad. This year I will learn!


Happy to help with any advice - except suspension, which I don't understand at all. :)

Dave W encouraged this.


Cheers Andy, don't worry I don't think I'm anywhere near the stage where I need to worry about suspension!

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Cags R Bike Maintenance Tribe

Contributorgold Cags R Saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth a share!


Great one. Quite helpful for me :)

Cags R encouraged this.


Glad you like it @manusmriti, I got sent this after a trip to the bike shop where I said "the gear-shifter-thingy is definitely too far to the right" - I got very bemused looks from the guy servicing the bike!

Manu S encouraged this.

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Andy D Bike Maintenance Tribe

Contributorgold Andy D I have a titanium Van Nicolas Tuareg MTB frame hanging up in the garage with a crack in the seat tube just above the junction with the top tube (not near any existing welds). The crank goes almost all the way round the above the top tube weld.

Does anybody know a company in the UK that could fix this? I am aware of Enigma but am wondering if there are any other options.

Amanda C encouraged this.

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Simone B Bike Maintenance Tribe

I'll replace the tube if I'm out on a ride, but I also carry a patch kit in case I get more than one puncture. When I get home I'll repair the punctured tube and use it as a spare. If it's a race I'll take two spare tubes with me and a patch kit....

Andy D Bike Maintenance Tribe

Got another puncture yesterday - a thorn, as usual - so I just replaced the tube.  When I got home, I repaired the tube with the thorn in it and that's now back in my pack as a spare.  Had some Bontrager XXX-Lite tubes for a while but once the...

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Terri B Bike Maintenance Tribe

I have always replaced the flat with a new tube. But, after reading the post, I feel a bit guilty and will start to patch from here on out.  

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Peggy A Bike Maintenance Tribe

Contributorgold Peggy A HELP!!!!! My front brake is rubbing on one side. Can't seem to adjust it so it doesn't. It only started since I learnd how to take the wheel off for transportation.


Ok my computer is a hand me down. The .... tiny disc on the spokes is missing. Are they universal? Could I buy one at a bike shop?


Yep, that little thing attached to the spokes is just a magnet. Not sure if you can buy them separately in the U.S. but you can in the U.K.

Peggy A encouraged this.


Thanks Andy. I appreciate your answers. :)

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Andy D Bike Maintenance Tribe

I carry several patch kits and three spare tubes with me.  What I do with a puncture depends on the weather at the time - I'm more likely to patch a tube if the weather's good or I'm not in too much of a rush.

I did once have a tube with fourteen...

Rick P encouraged this.

Phil T Bike Maintenance Tribe

I agree with The Little Ninja - patch it until it's more patch than tube!  Until the lottery win arrives that is, then I'll let my bulter deal with such trivial issues!

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