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Bike Maintenance

A place to share bike repair instructions, tips, and recommended tools. As a beginner, learn the basics to maintain your bike so it runs like new all the time. As an experienced tinkerer, celebrate your latest wheel build or bottom bracket replacement. Never take your bike to the shop for repair again!

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Andy D Bike Maintenance Tribe

Has anybody tried a recumbent?  Have always wondered what they're like to ride but they're so low, I've always considered them to be too dodgy to ride on the road - despite generally having a flag and lights etc.

Alan A Bike Maintenance Tribe

Lifes always greener Kevin G. When I got to the point that I could own several bikes as well as a convenient place to store them I slowly realized that I no longer had any time to ride them. And then there was the maintenence! 

Enjoy the spin...

Kevin G Bike Maintenance Tribe

I would like just one bike, but I live in a third floor flat, so nowhere to store. Currently, all my cycling is done on an indoor spinning bike at the gym, but anything over an hour is fairly arduous looking at the same view. One day it will happe...

Helen T Bike Maintenance Tribe

Wow Smithy and Andy, you both have a lot of bikes. I have a mountain bike which I absolutely love and gets me 95% of the places I go (including roads and trails) and a very sad rusty spider infested hybrid needing a new tyre, which does the short...

Alan A Bike Maintenance Tribe

I have a road bike that I never ride any more, a mountain bike that I ride on gravel roads but not really on trails any more, a tandem that we only occasionaly use, a triple tandem ready for action if I can find some lightweght stokers, a hypbrid...

Ris S Bike Maintenance Tribe

I have two:  a hybrid which I do my commute on (can't put panniers of books to mark on a road bike and I HATE cycling with a backpack on) and is my whizz round town, every day bike. I have also done all my cycling touring on it. My road bike is fo...

Louise B Bike Maintenance Tribe

Contributorsilver Louise B I know nothing about bike maintenance, really really bad. This year I will learn!


Happy to help with any advice - except suspension, which I don't understand at all. :)

Dave W encouraged this.


Cheers Andy, don't worry I don't think I'm anywhere near the stage where I need to worry about suspension!

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Cags R Bike Maintenance Tribe

Contributorgold Cags R Saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth a share!


Great one. Quite helpful for me :)

Cags R encouraged this.


Glad you like it @manusmriti, I got sent this after a trip to the bike shop where I said "the gear-shifter-thingy is definitely too far to the right" - I got very bemused looks from the guy servicing the bike!

Manu S encouraged this.

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