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Cooking and Recipe Swaps

Like cooking? Like to eat and know someone you can bribe to cook? Share ideas for lovely sport enabling foods here!

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Amanda C Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe


Pretend your alarm hasn't just gone off by tucking into this creamy, sweet and refreshing pairing. Mix oats with chopped mango and bananas with pineapple Greek yogurt and almonds for a break...

Amanda C Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe

Hi Kristie you have given me an idea to look this wonderful question up online and I have found a few articles with great ideas. I am going to update them on a healthy discussion tribe I will give another comment onc...

Kirstie M Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe

My family and I are unashamed board game geeks.  We meet with friends for weekend long indulgences, and these are usually supplimented by some sort of snack/nibble such as crisps, chocolates, cookies etc.  I've started adding berries and grapes in...

Amélie M Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe

Healthy fats? I'm not so sure. Nutella contains so much sugar and fat, hatelnuts and chocolate flavoring only hides it. Still, I've tried this (without the peanut butter since I can't get it) and it does taste great for a quick snack. If you're no...

Brenda D Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe

Contributorgold Brenda D Blackcurrant easy to make!!!!!


It's delicious Eunice. We've a small blackcurrant bush so I could only make 1 jar.

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Prabu P Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe

Prabu P Hey guys! I'm new to TribeSports, as a chef I'd love nothing more than to share my food recipes so feel free to ask me for recipes and ideas guys, I love sharing what I got :)

In the picture I've got Garlic Onion baked Chicken with a Tomato Concasse

Ingredients for Garlic Onion Baked Chicken
- Crushed cloves of peeled garlic
- Sliced White onion
- Rosemary
- A few dashes of white wine(optional)
- Salt & Pepper
- Olive oil
- Chicken breasts

Method :
1) Season chicken breasts with salt, pepper and rosemary. Leave aside to marinate for bout 15 to 1/2 hr depending on how you take to prepare the other ingredients.
2)In a shallow baking tray, cover the bottom with a little olive oil and a bed of garlic and onion, and place seasoned chicken breasts on top. Cover with more garlic and onion and drizzle olive oil and white wine over.
3) In preheated oven, baked chicken uncovered for bout 20 mins at 160*C or till fully cooked.

Ingredients for Tomato Concasse
- Ripe Sweet Tomatoes, De skinned and deseeded
- Minced onion
- Minced garlic
- Thyme
- Olive oil
- Tomato purée

Method :
1) Chop up tomatoes and leave aside
2) In a hot pan sauté onion and garlic till they start browning in Olive oil. Add in a spoonful of tomato purée and keep stirring.
3) Dump in chopped tomatoes and all it's juices now with Thyme and allow mixture to reduce on low heat while stirring occasionally.
4) Season with salt and pepper and taste sauce. Add sugar or honey if you want it sweeter. Water or chicken stock if you want a more liquid sauce. Blend it up if it suits your fancy.

This dish goes good with pasta, rice & couscous. It's not as complicated as it looks, so give it a try guys! Takes bout 30- 40 mins to prepare. Use it for family lunch or dinner and get the whole family eating healthy :)


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Hey I would post this as a "guide". Otherwise all this will be lost as it moves down in the comments

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Thanks! I'll do that for the next time I post a recipe :)

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Monica S Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe

Communicatorsilver Monica S replied to the topic Sandwiches

Hands down my favorite sandwhich is one I stole from McKenzie RIver Pizza Co, it is simply foccia bread sliced in half horseradish very thinly sliced montery jack, thin sliced roast beef, spinach, tomato and onion. It is so good and refreshing. 

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