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Cycle to work

Cycling to work is a good way of getting exercise without taking time out of your day. In fact a lot of people can save time cycling to work.

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Cags R Cycle to work Tribe

I was always one for "each to their own" attitude to helmets, personally, I wear one. But recently, a close friend had such a bad crash and his helmet saved his life - as in, massive chunk taken out of helmet and was still knocked unconscious...

David G Cycle to work Tribe

David G replied to the topic Folding bike

I have a Kansi SRAM 9 speed bike which has hardly been used from new. I use Boris Bikes as I find storing the bike difficult when attending meetings t other peoples offices in London. If you are still interested in buying a Folder, this is a fast...

Corry S Cycle to work Tribe

Corry S answered the question Commuting prep

I have just recently started cycling to work, and i leave kit at work too along with a towel and shower gel etc. biggest problem I have is that the only shower we have at work is in the workshop changing rooms!!! So...

Astrid J Cycle to work Tribe

Astrid J replied to the topic Folding bike

I've got a Pininfarina folding bike. It's as big as a normal bike with 28" wheels and me as a tall person can sit and ride perfectly on the bike. The bike is white with red extensions, 21 gears, just a normal bike.

You fold it once in the middle...

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Brad N Cycle to work Tribe

Sadly from what I can see on this document and another that was attached, these are all propositions towards more non car type travel, still I suppose it is a start, to even be considering the options is a step ahead for the UK I think, it is...

Brad N Cycle to work Tribe

Just thought people might be interested in this paper on England’s efforts to try and improve their active travel options in order to combat obesity!

Kelly A Cycle to work Tribe

Contributorbronze Kelly A I cycle to work everyday and feel so much better for it. I now look forward to cycling, showering and being prepare for my hectic day ahead :) I think I have actually passed on the cycling bug as I'm now have to queue for the shower at work :/

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