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Cycling at the weekends

If you would like to do some recreational cycling at the weekends but not sure where to go, then this group is for you. Whether you want to do a 10mile cycle along the river, a 60mile cycle to Brighton or a longer cycle to Paris for example, cycling lovers can share routes, experiences and tips on how to prevent that throbbing bottom!

  • Dorothea E

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Louise B Cycling at the weekends  Tribe

Contributorsilver Louise B I'm going up to Olympic tri distance this year so need to get to 40km. Not a massive distance but enough for someone who avoids the bike as much as possible!


It becomes massive after 1.5 Kms of swimming and you need to run a 10 after that :). All the best.

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Tom G Cycling at the weekends  Tribe

Had to have been convention related to temp. different altitudes different barometric pressures, could explain why it seemed different than normal. I don't think either of you were about to spontaneously combust

Tom G Cycling at the weekends  Tribe

Contributorsilver Tom G Hoping to do some cycling either today or tomorrow as it will be in the 50's later I the day. There is a linear park near the house called Fish Creek which I believe has a 6 mile trail I can ride. Time to make those final adjustments to the bike and get after it.

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Jane H Cycling at the weekends  Tribe

Tired of strapping ugly, uncomfortable styrofoam-and-plastic turtle shells to your head? A pair of Swedish women have come up with a pretty revolutionary solution that does manage to give you full head protection without, remarkably, wearing anyth...

Stephen C Cycling at the weekends  Tribe

Looking to buy a turbo trainer, we just had our Irish budget so a third year of austerity begins to really bite - so unfortunately not a lot left in the personal budget for a 'fancy' turbo trainer. Looking for TS advice on good value TTs. Thanks!...

Gaina C Cycling at the weekends  Tribe

Contributorgold Gaina C Last time I rode before today, I had done a light weights session the night before and I found it much easier to peddle the next day (I'm a hand cyclist). I 'bonked' later into the ride and it wasn't half as bad as it usually is. Today I rode without doing weights the night before and the 'bonk' came earlier and lasted longer.

Does anyone else do strength training on their legs with weights? Is there a logical reason why it would make cycling easier the day after? I'd be fascinated to know!

Dave W and Stephen C encouraged this.

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