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New to the Dog Walkers Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 73 replies

Welcome to the Dog Walkers Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Dog Walkers' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fellow T...

Newest reply

Why don't you want him in the house? What did you get the dog for - pet or guard dog?


Have you encountered dog haters on your walk?

Topic • 31 replies

Yesterday, on my way home from our walk, Stevie tried to jump up on aman who was walking passed us.  I had Steve on a short lead so he couldn't actually touch the man and he is just a friendly puppy trying to say hello.  There was no malice in the jump.  Bu...

Newest reply

Wow Kateo you are better woman then me would of ended up in jail if someone kicked my dog. I have 4 dogs three are very large and go everywhere with me and are my children, to me that would be like hitting my kid. I hope you never encounter this terrible pe...


Wildlife Hazards & Dogs

Topic • 8 replies

Close Encounter Of The Coyote Kind. Last week Cadence and I went for a late evening walk on Bridge Drive , in the past we have been shadowed, at a great distance, by a lone coyote up on the hill. On the walk I saw a lone coyote on the SE hill watching us, a...

Newest reply

Thankful that your dog survied his experience with a snake....quick response and medical treatment made the difference. Rattlesnakes are a hazard around here as well, although I have never seen one, a regular walking path travels through their main habitat...


How many times do you walk your dog?

Topic • 34 replies

How many times do you walk your dog? Do you do it in the morning, evening or both? I tend to go out in the evening after my meal it allows me to relax for the evening.

Newest reply

I am lucky to have a fenced in half acre for my two doggies, but I do walk them after work, afternoon. They love taking a stroll around the neighborhood and our local park. It is a nice bonding experience for us. 


Post a pic of your dog on a walk!

Topic • 5 replies

Use the photos section of the tribe and upload a pic of your dog on a walk.  I have done mine, Luna, a 1 year old chocolate lab

Newest reply

Just posted my 3 on there. Can't wait for summer - long walks with plenty of swimming!



Topic • 5 replies

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm willing to exhaust my inappropriate resources. My dog has gone missing. I suspect she was stolen from my yard. She was last seen in the backyard, and she is extremely loyal. I live in Eugene, Oreg...

Newest reply

Have you found your dog?  I sincerely hope so.  I can't imagine the horror of this happening


Trail Dogs

Topic • 6 replies

Some of you dog walkers will also have your furry buddies hit the trails with you, be it on foot or bike. They don't moan and are alway happy to hit the trails, so I have set up a tribe dedicated to our trail buddies.

Newest reply

Thanks Carl!!! They're always your friend...Aren't they....and never let you down.......except when mine ate the Christmas cake last year!!!!! And mine stole 3 Easter eggs lol! He..he!!!!!!


Traveling with your best friend

Topic • 3 replies

If your like me your best buddy goes with you just about everywhere. One time on a road trip I chose to sleep in the car with my pooch because we could not find a hotel in the area that accepted pets. What are your stories or tips for traveling with your be...

Newest reply

When travelling with dogs, ensure, for your safety and theirs, that they are properly restrained. I purchased my Dodge Ram Truck with my dogs in mind, as it had rear seats that folded up and a metal storage platform that folded down. I use one soft mesh cra...


walking my mad dog

Topic • 4 replies

I love my mad dog he just about Hates everything  wind / rain /cold /mud  but after all he is the only one who is up when I get home after a night shif ;-]]

Newest reply

My dog is the complete opposite.  He loves everything and everyone.  No matter what time of day I come home I can be sure he is sleeping somewhere and won't even bother to get up to see who came in. Lol we used to have one of those - sadly she has gone...


walking and dogs' psychological health

Topic • 3 replies

Obviously walking will tire a dog physically, but I've also noticed positive psychological health benefits. For two or three days after a good multi-hour hike, my dogs are calmer and happier. They wag more and play more. They're less likely to bark or whine...

Newest reply

Im on the same track as Heather - our lab and two collies are so much more contented if they have had a decent walk. The collies although working collies still like their gallop around to destress and the lab just has to be out there in among it all and ste...


Multiple dogs on a walk

Topic • 2 replies

I have 2 labs (1 male, 1 female), and when I try to walk them at the same time, the female tries to attack the male. They aren't like that normally, but she is when I walk them on a leash. I tried the duel leash attachment, and that made it worse. I'd rathe...

Newest reply

I have two female Gordon Setters, 11 1/2 and 8 years of age. My oldest dog is a very sweet dog but occasionally when she gets stressed she will bite my other dog....theses incidents hardly ever occur anymore as they have reversed leadership roles in our hou...


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