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Exercising while injured

An injury can really set you back when you're trying to stay in shape. It's really important to rest the part of your body that is injured so that it heals quickly. Depending on where the injury is, there may be other parts of your body that you can exercise without aggravating the injury. This Tribe is for people to swap tips on how to keep up your fitness during recovery.

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John P Exercising while injured Tribe

John P Hello everyone, I'd like some advice on what training I can do, I currently have a hip flexor strain and (self diagnosed) have had this for some 10 weeks now, my fitness is dropping fast, any suggestions of what cardio I can do please?

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Eoin O Exercising while injured Tribe

Contributorgold Eoin O I appear to have strained a tendon (I think) in my forearm. Most likely lifting weights and pushing myself too much. It's been 4 weeks now and still sore, so there's very little training I can do with it. Physio thought it'd be ok by now. Anyone have this before and have any tips to heal it up?

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Also look up tennis elbow and golfers elbow, each is slightly different and have slightly different rehabs. There are stretches and strength exercises you can do. Do the strength, then the stretch after the muscles are warm, then roll it out. Severe cases will also require rest, ice, compression and elevation. I bought a couple of those Velcro ice packs from the drug store and use them after workouts.

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Hi Tom, it's at the top of the forearm just 3-4CM below the elbow. I was told to try rubbing it out with my fingers, but so far it's still 70% there. Don't want to try exercising it until I know I can use it. I can do push exercises with no pain (bench press) but not pull (pull ups)


The rehab excercises are very low impact, super light weight. I would also look into visiting a certified massage therapist to release any problems and work out inflammation. Then follow with ice, 20 on, 20 off, 20 on. Wear a long sleeve to reduce the burning sensation from the ice. If you don't have ice packs, run a little water in some zip locs and put them in the freezer. Take them out just before they freeze solid and you can conform them to your arm. Best of luck, I am going through this as well, hence my knowledge on the subject. All of what I am telling you has helped me tremendously over the last week and a half.

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Nikita M Exercising while injured Tribe

Contributorsilver Nikita M broke my collarbone and feeling really bored during the times i usually go for runs... i dunno what to do


They are not as fun, but some straight leg raises, calf lifts etc, may be doable without straining your upper body, and keep some strength in your legs until you can start running again. Hope you are better by now though!

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