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Fashion for Fitness

Love the latest gym fashion? Or perhaps you are not too sure what to wear when you are exercising? Join other fashion conscious Tribers to share fashion tips, ask questions, review new clothing and share photos of your sporting wear. Perhaps you need some new running clothes and want some advice.? You may know where the bargains are to be had. This is the tribe for you!

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Amanda C Fashion for Fitness Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda C TS CLOTHES should be arriving soon!!! Cannot wait!!! Although I wanted the WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE OPEN-BACK TANK - TURQUOISE with the WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE 2-IN-1 SHORTS - BLACK
But the Shirt was out of stock.....soooo I picked this outfit instead : WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE 2-IN-1 SHORTS - TURQUOISE and WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE TECH TEE SS - BLACK .....Can't wait there will be pictures!!!1 :DDD


Yeah I was just excited because I got to use the 20% and the $15 off from the Gift I just got my 2nd choice. Is that what you got also the $15 gift card? Because if so I don't think that runs out till the end of the year or something.... the 20% was going to expire at the end of the month for me...and I know it'll be great what I did choose I'll just have to wait till maybe Christmas for my other outfit :)))

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Kevin G Fashion for Fitness Tribe

Hi everyone, have been converted into retail shopping is good, even though I am a bloke. ALways like to hear peoples views on everything, and this tribe gots photo opportunities too. Once back from holiday, will be ordering some new TS kit and wil...

Kylee F Fashion for Fitness Tribe

Living in south Louisiana, it rains a almost everyday in the summer, and I'm having a hard time deciding what to wear to run in the rain. Side note: it's usually about 85 degrees (29 for my Celsius using friends) while it's raining. 

Amanda C Fashion for Fitness Tribe

My new favorite workout gear is my bodymedia. I love it and would recommend to everyone. Yes they can be a bit pricey and it took me a bit to get it but it was worth the wait. I love it here is a link if your interes...

Martin S Fashion for Fitness Tribe

Meghan, I understand an ASBO to be an AntiSocail Behaviour Order, and believe that Nayan's comment uses this term as humour / wit; I also quickly apologise if I have misunderstood in advance :D If you are interested I have attached a link, I hope...

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