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Related to the Food and Drink Advisors Tribe

If I am trying to lose five pounds a month, how much shou...

Question • 2 answers

Newest answer

If you're trying to lose weight you should decrease your intake of protein, as well as fat and carbs. Very little protein is required even when trying to build muscle or even a baby. If you are above your ideal body weight most likely you are getting mor...


Candy Bars

Question • 9 answers

Does anyone have any candy bar recommendations for someone who wants to lose weight but have a snack every once in a while?

Newest answer

I snack on honey on toast. Sweet and filling so you don't keep going back for more and more Or tomatoes. They are lovely to eat as a snack. 


Bedtime snack?

Question • 13 answers

Sometimes i'm hungry just before going to bed. Can anyone suggest something or should i not have anything and wait till breakfast?

Newest answer

I use water or if I am craving something a couple of nuts. But I find a good drink of water does the trick. Another thing you can is is put some phyllium husk in the water. It will bulk you up and clense you in the morning.


Beetroot Juice - Performance enhancing - thought.

Question • 4 answers

Been reading an interesting article about performance enhancement benefits of drinking Beetroot juice for a day or 2 before a race. Anyone tried this before or got any views?

Newest answer

this is the study i found on beet roots,personal expeirence is only good with it,but dont recommend to eat it more than twice a week A 2012 study highlighted beetroot as a source of acute dietary nitrate, which was used to test the influence of nitrate sup...


Pre & Post Workout Snacks

Question • 5 answers

Protein Pre or Post Workout?? There are a lot of opinions out there regarding what to eat pre & post workouts.

Newest answer

Post workout smoothie - 90ml coconut milk, 1 banana, 1/2 pineapple or 1/2 mango (or both!), 30g scoop of egg white protein powder, 8 ice cubes, blend and enjoy! :))


What to eat after a late night workout? Can't wait to hea...

Question • 11 answers

I'm pescetarian but I don't eat much fish or sea food... So lately I noticed that if I do my workout at late evening I feel very hungry when I'm in bed...

Newest answer

A piece of skinless, boneless, chicken breast. High protein, zero carbs!


If you use protein whey in smoothies - whats your advice?...

Question • 5 answers

I have 1 protein whey smoothie every day (consisting of banana, strawberries, protein whey and skimmed milk). I want to make sure I loose weight. Any advice on protein whey and recipes you use would be great! Thanks all

Newest answer

I use these types of smoothies alot.  The calories can be high, but they tend to be low fat and high in protein.


What is the difference between Whole Wheat and Whole Grain?

Question • 3 answers

What's the difference between Whole Wheat and Whole Grain? Which is healthier?

Newest answer

The FDA does not actually regulate accurately the use of these words. Whole grain can be any sort of grain; while whole wheat is specific. The caveat is to look at the ingrediant list and fiber count. Because as shocking as it sounds according to current FD...


How do I eat healthy at restaraunts?

Question • 5 answers

Does anybody know any chain restaraunts that serve healthy foods? 

Newest answer

i belive that you can eat whatever you want and to balance it in the next days , you should enjoy life and to live it to the full and if you wont eat evryday out its all will be good 


Which is better for breakfast?

Question • 13 answers

I can't help it. I can't start my mornings without my so-beloved carbs. So, if I'm gonna do it, I should at least fuel myself with better carbs. What's better from these options? Oatmeal, oat bran hot cereal, cold cereal, or granola? Of course I usually hav...

Newest answer

I think oatmeal or oat bran. Good luck!


Nestle Pure Life Flavored Water bad for you?

Question • 9 answers

Im conflicted about the ingredients of my flavoured water. I'm not a fan of plain water and this is how I encourage my self to drink more water. I buy the Nestle Pure Life Splash water and the ingredients are as follows: 2% sodium, water, natural flavor, c...

Newest answer

I drink green tea (cold) that has a splash of lemonade or orange juice in it. Have been reading about the benefits of green tea and find that a tiny bit of fruit juice makes it a lot tastier. I brew a big pot of tea each evening---about 60oz.---pour it into...


What is the #1 Factor in choosing a Protein Powder?

Question • 7 answers

I asked this in another tribe some time ago. If you already answered there, please give others a chance. This question is for my fellow protein "users" out there.... What is the #1 thing you look for in a protein supplement? Do you always buy the same ...

Newest answer

I look for unflavored whey protein isolate mostly.  Sometimes I use a flavored one.  My shopping stops might be online, the local grocery store, GNC, a natural food market or co-op so no I don't stick with one product.  My main thing I look for is lower car...


Do Ensure drinks work well as a post work out meal?

Question • 7 answers

I've read that chocolate milk is great after a workout, but I've been wondering about Ensure. I think it's delicious! I'm just above being underweight for my height (5'6) and work out 3-5 times a week, mostly at evenings. My goal is mainly to build some mus...

Newest answer

Thanks a lot! Natural sounds good.


Protein Shakes ?

Question • 6 answers

Protein shakes have always been a topic of confusion for me as I don't really know much about them! I'm vegetarian and on the weeks where I don't put effort into cooking, I have a fairly low protein intake... Could anyone explain the different types of prot...

Newest answer

Here is the quick version… You have probably figured out you need to supplement protien, because it is very difficult to eat over 100g a day on a "regular" diet.  You can have protein supplment any time (breakfast is good), however some people like to...


What is the best food to eat when u r hungry afer workout?

Question • 13 answers

I have my tae bo workout from 8-9:30 pm and sometimes I'm hungry after it and i can't sleep if I'm hungry..:) So please..I need an advise what is the best solution?

Newest answer

Oatmeal or a milky protein shake


What's people's thoughts/experience on coconut water? Any...

Question • 14 answers

Newest answer

I agree I love chocolate milk it has the perfect ratio of recovery nutrients. My son loves the coconut water flavored slightly with fruit. The benefit is the huge amount of potassium. But there are other great sources for that if the cost is too much


Go to work on an egg? What's that?

Question • 0 answers

It's a challenge based on a 1950s British advertising slogan.  Why not try it? 

Can someone list off the healthy foods they know? Because...

Question • 4 answers

Newest answer

Lots of different opinions about what constitutes 'healthy'. Remember variation and moderation - "The dose makes the poison". But basically, processed foods are more likely to be high in salt, fats, artifical chemicals like sweeteners and preservatives, and...


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