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Topic • 62 replies

Welcome to the Food and Drink Advisors Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Food and Drink Advisors' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce y...

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Hey everyone, I'm very interested in nutrition, and I hope to get a dietetics degree one day. Who doesn't love food?! Especially great tasting, healthy food! So looking forward to seeing what this tribe has to offer. :)


No specific food or drink challenges

Topic • 31 replies

There are a lot of challenges revolving around not eating or drinking a specific type of foods or drink, i.e. No McDonalds, No Subway, No Energy drinks, No Alcohol and I always wonder if people really take this on as a challenge, as something they are eatin...

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I take as many challenges as possible even the ones that I know I have done before. Why? It motivates me that I dont eat the wrong things, it is a reminder of what I do. It keeps me going. 


Suffer from Acid Refux?

Topic • 5 replies   This seems more logical an is the chart from the FDA. :)

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Physical activity during the heat.

Topic • 15 replies

Hi, all. There is a heat wave in Moscow. I can understand that for someone 30-35 degree Celsius is just seasonable weather. But not for me, who lives in metropolis, air conditioners are not keeping up, and I have to wear dress-code – it’s too hot... As a r...

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Hello everyone, I want to thank you for your answers once again. Due to your kind involvement I was able to prepare myself and run 3km in Adidas Energy Run Moscow, and I feel high. It took me 18 minutes to run 3km distance, and to be frank it’s a weak result...


answer it

Topic • 25 replies


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eggs are meat as it will grow into a living animal and a true vegetarians would not eat them. i think of them as unattacted wombs. The eggs you buy and eat are unfertilized. Chickens lay eggs nearly every day (I think its every 26 hours or something)....


Hydration - water Vs energy drinks

Topic • 4 replies

I have started runniing in the past 2 months (and have been a regular gym member for 2 years) and my best run is 20k in just over 2 hours (today). I never know how much to drink. I don't really feel thirsty at all while I run and usually only have about 3...

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Water is the best choice. Energy drinks are full of artificial sugar and chemicals.


High Protein Foods?

Topic • 26 replies

So... I looove eggs but lately been having too quiche, on toast, omelet, etc.  Eggs, spinach, tuna and raw almonds.  oh and rabbit salad with feta.  but i'm getting sick of eating the same stuff all the time...what other high protein foods are out...

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Is chewing gum bad for you?

Topic • 24 replies

I've never thought of gum as "bad" as long as I wasn't chewing the full sugar kind that could destroy my teeth and add useless calories. But check out this article... Makes me rethink my love of gum.

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"Diet" foods

Topic • 0 replies

Thought people might find this article quite intresting

Skinny B Cereal

Topic • 1 reply

This is a cereal that is available in the US/Canada and Aus.  It has come to market as a result of dragon's den and I have read lots of wonderful things about it.  Intruiged, therefore, I purchased the ingredients (yes, I know, I didn't buy the cereal that...

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Dr. Robert Lustig's 4 rules against obesity

Topic • 4 replies

In his lecture 'Sugar: the Bitter Truth' Dr. Robert Lustig shared the simple rules he gives to obese teenagers and their families: Get rid of sugared liquids - only water and milk Eat your carbohydrate with fibre Wait 20 minutes for second portions (give...

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These are some excellent guidelines for everyone not just teens.


Home made Potnoodles

Topic • 2 replies

Just tasted first attempt at a home made potnoodle - good stuff!! Rice noodles, chopped sprout tops, chopped sweet pepper, chopped onion, pinch of frozen thai spices mix (chili, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, lime leaves) dash of soy sauce, dash of fish sauc...

Newest reply

Yum, sounds delicious!


Recovery Drinks

Topic • 11 replies

Apparently, non-alcoholic beer has recuperative properties: What do you use for recovery drinks?  

Newest reply

SIS Rego vanilla flavour, or just plain old milk, sometimes hot like when I was a child.


Beta Carotene - the pros and cons!

Topic • 3 replies

Todays #smoothieTuesday recipe on twitter sparked a healthy debate on the pros and cons of beta carotene in your diet. The smoothie: The Energy Booster: 4 Carrots (unpeeled), 1 Apple (unpeeled) 1 kiwi fruit, handful of parsley with stem The debate: +ve:...

Newest reply

Mostly all good to me!


Guilt-Free Ice Cream!

Topic • 19 replies

Throw Yoplait Whips yogurt in the freezer and enjoy "ice cream" without the guilt.  There's chocolate, orange cream, and key lime.  I overheard this little secret at the grocery store and had to share =)

Newest reply

If you own a masticating juicer, then you can make instant "ice-cream' simply by processing some frozen fruit (fresh fruit you've frozen yourself, or shop bought frozen) through your juicer and it will turn out as an iced fruit sorbet or icecream with no ad...


Protein bars...candy or bicep builders? Let's discuss...

Topic • 6 replies

So I've found recently that Quest bars are pretty solids. Less ingredients, lots of whey protein and tons of fiber (actually almost too much to some critics). When I travel, I get overwhelmed and stick with a banana and nuts snack...but I need the protein t...

Newest reply

Tend to agree with Big Swede and Ron W - anything that looks like a sugary boost bar can't possibly be as healthy as a banana and a handful of nuts.  Have even tried making 'healthy bars' at home but at the end of they day they nearly always contain sugar a...


losing belly fat

Topic • 12 replies

I usually do more wieght training an less cardio workouts with a bad diet and gain alot of belly fat, i want to eat less to lose weight in around my abdomen but don't want to lose muscle mass, what kind of food i should eat

Newest reply

thanks alot everyone for your advice. Lost 8 pounds of fat and including muscle sadly but my abs is starting  to show very quicky because i did  alot of abs training before, but just missing how i use to look in clothes before cause my chest, arms and sho...


Low fat cheese that melts properly

Topic • 5 replies

Can anybody recommend a low fat cheese that melts properly.  I have no issues with the taste of low fat cheese but it doesn't melt the same (I'm guessing because of the reduced fat).  Just wondered if there was one gem of a cheese out there that melted nice...

Newest reply

I use weight watchers tortilla wraps as bases but put them on non stick paper or similar as they can stick to baking trays quite easily. I use fresh passata as a base then top with loads of veggies and herbs. 


Chlorine/Bleach smell after running

Topic • 6 replies

I don't know if this specifically relates to running (it does in my case) but after a long run (usually anything above 10K), for round 10 minutes after I finish, I can smell a bleach/chlorine smell. I don't think it's coming out of me, rather more an inter...

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My wife and I have found that we need to eat at least an hour before running a length like that..experiment with different  foods and timing and you will get I ran 21.08 kilometers and fueled up good an hour before with sprouted grain bread sandwi...


New Mcdonlds 'healthy' kids drink contains 12 teaspoons o...

Topic • 15 replies

I just don't understand how companies can get away with selling drinks that are that bad for you, not to mention these are for kids! Apparently this drink has even made it into the category of "one of your five-a-day. (

Newest reply

If you're going to take your child to McDonalds, I think you need to accept the fact it's not going to be a healthy meal.  Given the recent horse meat scandal, does it really surpirse anyone that their 'healthy' drink is not all it seems....?


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