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Some speed training?

Question • 1 answer

Help! I need some drills for speed, acceleration and agility. It must be proven( I want something that someone used and it give the results) Thanks.

Newest answer

Take a look at this guide to why Hill sprints are a good addition to your training to improve speed and power....they are excellent at improving your speed on flat ground! Also here is a...


Football team in Balham/Wimbledon area?

Question • 2 answers

I've just moved to London and am looking for a team in the Balham/Wimbledon area. I've played at university first/second team standard during my undergrad and phd, and would like to continue playing, ideally in league not populated by angry old men who imme...

Newest answer

Hey thanks a lot Adam, it looks like a great setup, but I think it might be a bit too far for me to travel without a car.   Thanks again fro the advice though and good luck for the season!


How to achieve a better first touch ?

Question • 6 answers

I have been playing football for a few years now. However the one thing that I struggle is my first touch. The worse ones are the high balls, whenever I try to bring it down the ball rolls away too far from me. I believe my touch is too stiff. I was wonder...

Newest answer

There is also one more thing about first touch. If the ball is fast or it is bouncing a little,kick it a little above the middle. It will keep the ball on the ground(it is the most important thing and the biggest problem with first touch). Also try one-touc...


what is the different between the striker and midfielder?

Question • 1 answer

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strikers (forwards) play further up the pitch, usually close to the defending line of the opposing team. Their role is to lead the attack, score goals, and hold the ball up the pitch to bring other players into play. Midfielders play all over the pitch but...


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