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General questions, observations and gripes

A place to dump your questions, comments, gripes etc... that may not fit into the context of the other Tribes.

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Alan C General questions, observations and gripes Tribe

most of it is explained in the updates Steve posted Jeniece.  This one explains the new rules about challenges.  Workouts are effectively yours or other peoples training sessions. You can log a training session and c...

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Cags R General questions, observations and gripes Tribe

These Challenges still exist - the only ones that won't be there are month specific ones - is it's "in a month" then it will still be in the database and if it's not you can suggest it. 

In regards to Events - it's hugely motivating to meet o...

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Dwight W General questions, observations and gripes Tribe

Hi Sarah.  In adding a year to the month I would expect that a similar challenge would be created the following month.  The reason I suggested it is that if you did not have time to complete October's you could move on to November's and give...

Sarah B General questions, observations and gripes Tribe

Is there a way of seperating the types of challenge?  So that when you go to the drop down menu where you can select most popular, most recent you could also choose cumulative, or this month so that we can continue with the cumulative challenges t...

Dwight W General questions, observations and gripes Tribe

Steve, as always I appreciate you and the team taking time to hear us out.  I could give quite a few specific examples but I think it would be easier to try and articulate it in a more encompassing manner. 

I have read much of the discussi...

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