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Get fit without joining a gym

For some reason, our society seems to associate getting fit with joining a gym. Lots of people pay significant amounts of money every month to do something on a treadmill that they could just as easily do in the park. It is more difficult, however, to do strength exercises with no dedicated equipment.

This tribe is for people to swap tips and ideas on how to exercise without spending lots of money. It might involve buying some cheap equipment for the home or office, using items that you have already, or doing exercises like press-ups and crunches, that don't need any equipment at all.

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Alexandra M Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Could take a daily dose of oil of oregano..... You can find it in capsule form at most vitamin stores.....fabulous stuff! If you google it, you will be amazed what medicinal oregano can do for fighting off everything...

Hayley R Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Contributorbronze Hayley R Most challenges have running listed. How do you avoid shin splints? I played field hockey, soccer & ran cross country in high school, and got them back then (I'm 44 now). Is replacing with cycling okay, if I up the time? For example, if it lists ten minutes of running, how long should I cycle for? Just starting on here, and lost all my exercise equipment in a flood and can't afford anything new for a long time. Thanks!

Alexandra M encouraged this.


If I understood what you mean, you have shin splints because of some fracture or similar. About cycling, consider that you could cycle for 2 or 3 times the time you normally run, because running is average more expensive than biking because of the impact stress on your joints and corrections to posture from the core muscles, in addition to the movement of the arms. About the exercises, I see you could perform about everything with your legs (squat, lunges, jumping jacks...), then if you haven't pain you can try plyometrics exercises. Also, you can easily replace running-only sessions, if there are, with cycle or speed walking or hiking. I hope I was helpful and sorry if I misunderstood your situation. ;)

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Desiree P Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I was actually having the same issue. I didn't go through and read everyone elses answers so I apologize if this has already been said but I was told to up my water intake to half my weight in ounces, ex. I weighed 2...

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John D Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

John D i was looking at some of the bodyweight crossfit workouts and there's no way i'm hitting 100 pull ups in a wokout without assistance. is it better to focus on form the whole time and sacrifice about 70 pull ups or is it ok to use a band to help hit the required number of reps?

Tiffany R encouraged this.


I would say you should focus on form, but using the band can also help build the strength necessary to complete such a challenge. In either case, listen to your body.

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M S Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Thank you for all the great feedback! I also should note that I am pushing a three year old in the stroller (not a running one) which is not lightweight. The area that I go is fairly hilly, so I am getting something...

Phil T Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

All the answers provide so far offer sound advice.  Diet is a massive part of weight loss.  Counting calories is a very good way but remember as you are making your body work you need proper nutrition.  Don't starve...

Kevin G Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

A lot of brilliant advice given which I am not going to repeat. other suggestions would be to update your bio with your previous sports history and what goals (end and interim) you have for 2014, whether weight lo...

Daniel H Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Count the calories of everything you eat/drink.  EVERYTHING. Work out how many calories you are eating daily and reduce this by 500 calories, and don't eat any more than this.  This will be your maximum caloric intak...

Loretta A Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

All the above are very good points and I just want to add that you should start and take your measurements: upper arms, waist, hips, thighs.  Make sure you always take them at the same points and write them down.  Th...

Ali S Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Start counting calories. Usually people understimate their calorie intake. It will take a while to learn how does your body interact with food. But when you learn that your mind tells you when to eat and then you can...

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Nuchi N Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I am in the same boat. I am struggling to lose weight too no matter what I have done. But I think what we need to do is not to focus on the weight number but more of how we feel. As long as you feel heathier and fitt...

Sonu K Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I loved reading all answers.... I feel there is less to add.... You should anjoy life without being so paranoid about immunity and diseases... our immunity is constantly built up with each exposure to germs.... Eat r...

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