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Get fit without joining a gym

For some reason, our society seems to associate getting fit with joining a gym. Lots of people pay significant amounts of money every month to do something on a treadmill that they could just as easily do in the park. It is more difficult, however, to do strength exercises with no dedicated equipment.

This tribe is for people to swap tips and ideas on how to exercise without spending lots of money. It might involve buying some cheap equipment for the home or office, using items that you have already, or doing exercises like press-ups and crunches, that don't need any equipment at all.

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Helen T Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

A good article Colleen for showing that variations in actual body structure can be quite marked and exercise won't change it. Our body structure does affect how we do something, and I agree it doesn't necessarily stop us from doing something, we j...

Donald W Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Thanks again for all of your answers!This question has been bugging me for awhile.It's nice to have answers from people who practice healthy living.

Alan A Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

The majority of hypertensive people that are not overweight cannot reduce their blood pressure by eliminating sodium from their diet. Most of them also will not see a tremendous reduction in their numbers even by incr...

Mirja E Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I just LOVE egg yolks and will keep eating them like I have always done it (the craving for eggs comes randomly) regardless of what studies claim they do to you. bc the bottom line is, that no-one has ever got fat...

Anne M Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I must be the oddball, I like the taste of just the egg whites. Has anyone heard of any negative feedback on the cartons of egg whites, as opposed to cracking the egg yourself?

Alan A Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

It's just like light beer vs quality craft brews......for your given allotment of calories do you want a small volume of tasty stuff or a larger glass of mediocrity? I like my omelet large, so I toss away the yolks a...

Donald W Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Thank all of you for your answers .As far as I know my cholesterol is good and egg yolks don't cause me any adverse effects,can't say if they have put any weight on me which was what I was concerned about.I'm going t...

Loretta A Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

It depends on your cholesterol level and if your body responds to cholesterol in food. Unfortunately my body responds to egg yolks and I need to be every careful have have no more that 3 yolks per week. I had plenty...

Isabelle  C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Long time ago they tough it was the cholesterol in the food that we eat that was harmful (eggs, shrimps...) but they found out that was the bad fat (saturate, trans...) that was causing what we call "bad cholesterol"

Colleen O Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

These may be of interst to you: , , and   My opinion: Eggs are yummy, I like to eat them whole, therefore I do. If a single egg yolk ruins your diet then you probably have bigger issues. The whole idea of it b...

Kevin G encouraged this.

Pam  H Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Contributorsilver Pam H hi when I'm doing the workouts at home, what do people use instead of a dumbell? I don't have any weights

Hana K and Isabelle C encouraged this.


Depends what I'm doing. Varies from bottles of water (1l = +/-1kg), through books in a rucksack to sandbags (and I've parcelled up a couple of different sizes so I can vary it). Gaffer tape, heavy duty bin bags or rubble sacks and a bag of sharp sand/ballast from a DIY place and you have lots of options...

Isabelle C encouraged this.


Thanks for that Ben, see that's what happens when people use their brains, clearly mine's not working, great thanks

Ben M and Isabelle C encouraged this.


No worries Pam. It's not brains, it's just not worrying about how it looks! enjoy!

Isabelle C encouraged this.

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Kevin G Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

If my body is demanding a rest, I will take a duvet day, put my feet up and read a book / watch a film and do as little as possible. quality rest helps as much as quality exercise sometimes. however, when I take a...

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12th January 2011



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