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Get fit without joining a gym

For some reason, our society seems to associate getting fit with joining a gym. Lots of people pay significant amounts of money every month to do something on a treadmill that they could just as easily do in the park. It is more difficult, however, to do strength exercises with no dedicated equipment.

This tribe is for people to swap tips and ideas on how to exercise without spending lots of money. It might involve buying some cheap equipment for the home or office, using items that you have already, or doing exercises like press-ups and crunches, that don't need any equipment at all.

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Monica S Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I have heard this in relation to full situps. I think the issue comes from inproper form like pulling on the neck and rolling your chin to your chest. Almost anything can lead to injury with poor form.

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Amanda C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I love crunches and sit-ups and will probably keep doing them no matter what haha. I just love the good burn I get and when they are achy after not doing them for a week or so and then go back to doing them! :D

Sue A Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I used to think this.  But as a Pilates Instructor who is using ab strength all the time - I have noticed more definition in my abs by doing crunches more recently.  Back position is crucial and neck lengthened while...

Amélie M Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I've heard the same thing, even that crunches don't burn any fat or give a flat belly combined with other exercises (like it was previously thought). The position pushes your organs and it can lead to back injuries a...

Amanda C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Sports-iqgold Amanda C answered the question Getting Started:

Hi Ashley!   Here are a few challenges for you to start out with real easy. This place may look confusing and odd but honestly it is the best thing that has ever happened to me personally and I know I am not th...

K K Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

I heard once that how you look and feel is based 90% on what you put into your body and 10% on your physical activity.. I dont know if I completely agree with this but I stongly believe that you need to do both.. so start with some small challenge...

Amanda C Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Hi Ashley! That is some great news to hear you lost weight with just trying out!!! Very proud of you! One thing to try out is figuring out your diet. I am one of those people who is "not so good" with the whole diet thing. But here;s some adivce I...

Alexandra M Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Could take a daily dose of oil of oregano..... You can find it in capsule form at most vitamin stores.....fabulous stuff! If you google it, you will be amazed what medicinal oregano can do for fighting off everything...

Hayley R Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Contributorbronze Hayley R Most challenges have running listed. How do you avoid shin splints? I played field hockey, soccer & ran cross country in high school, and got them back then (I'm 44 now). Is replacing with cycling okay, if I up the time? For example, if it lists ten minutes of running, how long should I cycle for? Just starting on here, and lost all my exercise equipment in a flood and can't afford anything new for a long time. Thanks!

Alexandra M encouraged this.


If I understood what you mean, you have shin splints because of some fracture or similar. About cycling, consider that you could cycle for 2 or 3 times the time you normally run, because running is average more expensive than biking because of the impact stress on your joints and corrections to posture from the core muscles, in addition to the movement of the arms. About the exercises, I see you could perform about everything with your legs (squat, lunges, jumping jacks...), then if you haven't pain you can try plyometrics exercises. Also, you can easily replace running-only sessions, if there are, with cycle or speed walking or hiking. I hope I was helpful and sorry if I misunderstood your situation. ;)

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