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Get rid of your "love handles"

This tribe is for people who want to get rid of their "love handles"...
Don't get me wrong, we want love but not "love handles".
Let's run 3x and workout our obliques everyday for 4 weeks and see check the results!
Are you with me?

  • Joanne C
  • Tierra B
  • Alan A
  • Jacqueline "Shane" X
  • Lucy B
  • Lena D
  • Sharon H
  • Abby K
  • Heather M
  • Dalia R

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Alan A Get rid of your "love handles" Tribe

Sylvan Peak huh, I'll keep it in mind. We have a store called Outdoor Action Sports three miles away in Sylvan LAKE . Doubt they have anything else in common besides "Sylvan", but a year ago I attended a running seminar there hosted by Ken Bob...

Alan A Get rid of your "love handles" Tribe

Just realized my left hand is doing that love handle creation thing in this photo. My normal jeans hit right there and create a muscular muffin top, that's why I want to try a lower rise. Natural waist is WAY too high up, like the middle of the mi...

Alan A Get rid of your "love handles" Tribe

Now I'm worried that the lower rise I ordered as a love handle correction may be over done as well!

Monica S Get rid of your "love handles" Tribe

I hear you on this one. I think all jeans are made to fit 12 year old boys. Most people are not built like that. I think the main issue for me at least comes up when you have the wrong rise in a jean. I have avery short torso so it is hard to find...

Jovana D Get rid of your "love handles" Tribe

I'm gonna tell you a looot of cardio, combined with HIIT like Monica said.  If you could start with running, or jump rope also in intervals, or you can try with speed walking also in intervals. Challenge yourself,...

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Melinda B Get rid of your "love handles" Tribe

Melinda B I have lost 60 pounds since April 1st by running!!! Ive CONQUERED the 30 Day Ab challenge which shredded 2 inches from my waistline. Im doing burpees now plus getting in 5K a day! TRUST ME, I was LAZY, DEPRESSED, FAT, and TOTALLY UNMOTIVATED!! If I can do, SERIOUSLY, anyone can!! Keep up the encouragement, GUYS!! STAY STRONG!!

20140704024037-before1 20140704024044-after 20140704024051-after2 20140704024058-after3 20140704024105-run

Great story and great encouragement for others.

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2nd May 2012



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