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Girls on Bikes

It's no secret that a woman's performance on a bike is different to that of a man's, and is always going to be different no matter how hard we try! This means everything from how we train to what we eat is different. This is a place to discuss and share everything a girl goes through on the bike.

  • Baylee G

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Gem W Girls on Bikes Tribe

Contributorgold Gem W Hi Ladies. A friend of mine convinced me to do an all female Sprint Triathlon in August. With that in mind, I haven't ridden a bicycle since middle school, so it has been fun. I purchased a hybrid bike since I want to make sure this is a sport I will actually keep up with before I spend crazy amounts of money on the best bicycle. Either way, I have been riding my bike to my gym workouts (about 6 miles to and from) and will start really pushing myself in July in order to be ready for the 12.9 mile ride. :) I'm excited!!

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Terri B Girls on Bikes Tribe

Communicatorsilver Terri B replied to the topic Respect for us?

I'm not sure there is a difference from the car/trucks whether you are a man or women. I've been riding on the roads for 12 + years now. I am extremely cautious and aware of my surroundings. The one and only accident I've had was on a recreational...

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Umulinga K Girls on Bikes Tribe

I chose my gps watch based on this guy's advice: It is a fantastic blog which includes great advice on gps and other sports accessories for runners, cyclists and swimmers. And the guy is also hilarious. I don'...

Gaina C Girls on Bikes Tribe

Do you have a stretch before you start? I have back problems that can make my hands go to sleep so I make sure I have a good strech before setting out (I'm a hand cyclists so it's the equivalent of your legs going to...

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Ris S Girls on Bikes Tribe

Contributorsilver Ris S Have you tried ergonomic handle grips? the ones that support your wrists? My Specialized Vita has them, and they are great!!!!

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Terri B Girls on Bikes Tribe

If your bike is fitted properly, you will not have a problem. I've had several bikes over my 12+ years of riding and it has not been an issue once I was professionally fitted. The fit can be costly but it's a must do...

Peggy A Girls on Bikes Tribe

I was thinking that.  I think the handle bars need to be raised.  I tried myself but conuldn't pull them up after loosening the collar.  Next week, after my try a tri, I'll see if I can get someone to give me a hand...

Peggy A Girls on Bikes Tribe

Mine go numb all the time.  I was thinking some of it may be due to my degenerative disc disease c5-c6   I am just a beginner cycler and my hands go numb after a short period of time.  2k   On a 25k ride, they went n...

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Cags R Girls on Bikes Tribe

If it's cold my hands go numb in about 3 seconds! But I did also notice my hands being a bit weirg after riding 100 miles without gloves on - the centre of my palm in particular was all tingly/numb for a couple of da...

Jennie K Girls on Bikes Tribe

My hands always go numb while I cycle. They also go numb at other times too.  I was diagnosed with Thoracic oultet syndrome (prior to me ever cycling).  I know that mine is related to that, but other things could cau...

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