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Girls on Bikes

It's no secret that a woman's performance on a bike is different to that of a man's, and is always going to be different no matter how hard we try! This means everything from how we train to what we eat is different. This is a place to discuss and share everything a girl goes through on the bike.

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Pam  H Girls on Bikes Tribe

Contributorsilver Pam H hi new to the tribe, I'm not a cyclist enthusiast normally but I've put my name down for a challenge for next year. Cycling from Bruges to Amsterdam. I know I need a new bike, so any ideas, advice on training, re-fueling and losing weight before the big day would be very helpful :)) Off course if you'd like to join me I'm doing it with the charity The details aren't out till January though. And all proceeds help towards children's education in Cambodia, Uganda and Palestine. Thanks for your support

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Gem W Girls on Bikes Tribe

Contributorgold Gem W Hi Ladies. A friend of mine convinced me to do an all female Sprint Triathlon in August. With that in mind, I haven't ridden a bicycle since middle school, so it has been fun. I purchased a hybrid bike since I want to make sure this is a sport I will actually keep up with before I spend crazy amounts of money on the best bicycle. Either way, I have been riding my bike to my gym workouts (about 6 miles to and from) and will start really pushing myself in July in order to be ready for the 12.9 mile ride. :) I'm excited!!


I did an all women triathlon at the beginning of June, though I opted for the Super Sprint. The cycle was the same distance, but the swim and run were shorter. I found the whole day amazingly affirming. There were women of all ages 16 - 70+ competing together. Lots of us on our first tri so really supportive of each other. I'm definitely doing it again next, though I'll upgrade to the Sprint distance. There were plenty of women there with mountain bikes, hybrid bikes as well as road bikes. Good luck in August, hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine!!!

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Terri B Girls on Bikes Tribe

Communicatorsilver Terri B replied to the topic Respect for us?

I'm not sure there is a difference from the car/trucks whether you are a man or women. I've been riding on the roads for 12 + years now. I am extremely cautious and aware of my surroundings. The one and only accident I've had was on a recreational...

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Umulinga K Girls on Bikes Tribe

I chose my gps watch based on this guy's advice: It is a fantastic blog which includes great advice on gps and other sports accessories for runners, cyclists and swimmers. And the guy is also hilarious. I don'...

Gaina C Girls on Bikes Tribe

Do you have a stretch before you start? I have back problems that can make my hands go to sleep so I make sure I have a good strech before setting out (I'm a hand cyclists so it's the equivalent of your legs going to...

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Ris S Girls on Bikes Tribe

Contributorgold Ris S Have you tried ergonomic handle grips? the ones that support your wrists? My Specialized Vita has them, and they are great!!!!

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Terri B Girls on Bikes Tribe

If your bike is fitted properly, you will not have a problem. I've had several bikes over my 12+ years of riding and it has not been an issue once I was professionally fitted. The fit can be costly but it's a must do...

Peggy A Girls on Bikes Tribe

I was thinking that.  I think the handle bars need to be raised.  I tried myself but conuldn't pull them up after loosening the collar.  Next week, after my try a tri, I'll see if I can get someone to give me a hand...

Peggy A Girls on Bikes Tribe

Mine go numb all the time.  I was thinking some of it may be due to my degenerative disc disease c5-c6   I am just a beginner cycler and my hands go numb after a short period of time.  2k   On a 25k ride, they went n...

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Cags R Girls on Bikes Tribe

If it's cold my hands go numb in about 3 seconds! But I did also notice my hands being a bit weirg after riding 100 miles without gloves on - the centre of my palm in particular was all tingly/numb for a couple of da...

Jennie K Girls on Bikes Tribe

My hands always go numb while I cycle. They also go numb at other times too.  I was diagnosed with Thoracic oultet syndrome (prior to me ever cycling).  I know that mine is related to that, but other things could cau...

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