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Global Ultra Runners

Got the running bug - get kicks out of discovering and taking on new endurance Challenges?

This is a Tribe for all the Ultra runners: trail, mountain, desert, 24 hour & other ultra long distance endurance eventers - all welcome! We can use this Tribe as a place to share info on running races, training, equipment advice, and general tails of what we've all been getting up to.

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Jeff G Global Ultra Runners Tribe

Contributorgold Jeff G Hi! Trying to get reengaged with Tribesports as I've been MIA for a bit.. I have officially entered the Ultra running world, and I love it... my first 50K was in May, and just did my first 50M a few weeks ago... here's my recap:



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Dave H Global Ultra Runners Tribe

Training for my first ultra in May, the London 2 Brighton challenge.  So far equal measures of nerves and excitement.  Not the ideal way to train being based in Saudi Arabia, but will give it my best shot.

Wanted to do something big for my 45th b...

Abichal S Global Ultra Runners Tribe

Abichal S I am helping organise the first 6 day race in the UK for over 20 years and the event will also include a 48 hour and a 24 hour race. This is a serious challenge in terms of its scope but also it will be held on a track. This will test runners mentally as well as physically. There is a tradition of running 6 day races that stretches back to the 1800's and the British 6 day record set in 1884 still stands to this day.
So running for 6 days is definitely do-able.
My question to ultrarunners on Tribesports is what qualities do you think you need to run a 144 hour non-stop race and how do you develop those qualities?

Adrian K encouraged this.

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