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This tribe is for any golfers out there to post any golfing related topics. Share your season updates, rate courses you have played, clubs you use, books you have read........anything goes.

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Simon H GOLFERS Tribe

Contributorsilver Simon H I play golf in Thailand, Japan and Philippines...ive added a few photo from millity golf just outside Bangkok.. Sorry.. not for public use...Talk about neat and tidy...nice caddys as well....will add more when i viit Japan and Phils later.

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Monster M GOLFERS Tribe

Contributorbronze Monster M I had a great and fun round of golf with my asawa. 2 days ago my score was 87 and today is 89.. Not bad at all.. :-)
( Teed up on blues by the way :-) )

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James L GOLFERS Tribe

Communicatorbronze James L replied to the topic HANDICAP

Sounds good Matthew, keep it up! 

My handicap is 4. Used to be lower but i have had a couple of nasty knee injuries which stopped me turning pro. I usually aim for around 6 or 7 over now.

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Martin M GOLFERS Tribe

Martin M created the topic HANDICAP

What's your handicap?  If you don't have an official handicap, how many shots do you usually give yourself when playing your mates?  What are your targets for the year for getting your handicap down?

Martin M GOLFERS Tribe

Martin M created the topic GOLF COURSES

Are you a member somewhere?  What is your home course like, would you recommend it?  If you're not a member of a club where do you usuallly play?

I play at Fereneze golf glub, Barrhead near Glasgow.  A medium length course by yardage, Fereneze is...

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20th June 2011



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