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Gym Goers

Love the gym? join our Tribe to share tips, training ideas, great circuits and general gym goers chat. All welcome!

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Hannah W Gym Goers Tribe

Communicatorbronze Hannah W replied to the topic Going it alone...

Good for you for going in to the dreaded man-filled weights room! Took me a while to work up the courage but weights training is so good for overall health and fitness it should have more women in it! Hope you've found all the information you need...

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Dee  Gym Goers Tribe

Communicatorbronze Dee replied to the topic Going it alone...

Many said the same that I was going to say, a lot of gyms have someone who will take you through the machines and weights, or sometimes they give you one free session with a personal trainer for help.  Unless you're there at off hours, there is us...

Shelley H Gym Goers Tribe

Communicatorbronze Shelley H replied to the topic Going it alone...

My gym offered up a free session upon signing up.  I of course didn't take advantage of it and really regret it now.  Staff members are usually a good place to start as they should know how to use all of the equipment.  You can also go online to d...

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Amanda C Gym Goers Tribe

Well I work the night shift and I believe that doing that it takes a lot of work and determination. This year has been a lot of up and downs when it comes to my fitness goals. But I am looking forward to 2014 to be a lot better! 

But as of right...

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