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Gyming tribe – Women only!

Addicted to the gym or recently joined and wanting to learn more. Well here is the place for all us gym bunnies! Come update your training, share experiences, get top tips, latest equipment and the real download on the latest fitness fads!!... So come join the gym community, get the most out of training -and the best part, no men allowed :-)

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Rachel K Gyming tribe – Women only!   Tribe

Contributorsilver Rachel K Does anyone else have a really hard time motivating yourselves to work out when you have your period? I NEVER want to do anything starting the day I get mine, if not a few days before. It's not like I don't enjoy working out or its many benefits but I don't want to move she have cramps. Who's with me?


Yeah, I hear you totally...I find that if I'm scheduled to something I truly love (squash), I go all out anyway, and then I feel great after...seem to help my cramps. If I don't have anything scheduled and know I should work out, I too feel like just lounging around...once in a while though, that's not bad for you too.

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With the changes our body goes through, you can't expect to always be in the same form. I never feel like doing a thing, on the times I push thru and do, I feel good for it...but that's all forgotten next time =D

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Mirja E Gyming tribe – Women only!   Tribe

I seriously dislike guys nesting on machines, dropping weights like their arms just broke and looking at me like I was lost in the weights area (I don't wear my glasses during workout and hate contacts, so I probably...

Bob K Gyming tribe – Women only!   Tribe

Two people that walk for an hour on a treadmill just talking back and forth where there is a circular track in my gym they could do the same and not tie up a machine

Nora W Gyming tribe – Women only!   Tribe

Contributorbronze Nora W Hi gym girls! Excited to be part of this tribe...

I started a fitness blog in January and I'm trying to get momentum behind it. It's an all-around blog for people who want to be in shape and take fitness seriously, but don't want to be crazy about it. Case in point: my recipe for happiness is lots of exercise and lots of ice cream!

It's called The Spinach Inquisition.

I would really appreciate you taking the time to check it out, and sharing/following if you like it! I also ALWAYS welcome suggestions for topics.

Thanks and happy gymming!

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Vanessa S Gyming tribe – Women only!   Tribe

hey fellow gyms girls :)

i have recently gotten my eating back on track and am eating at least 75% clean consistently for the last two weeks or so,

now i need to focus on working out CONSISTENTLY. i have derby three times a week but i know i nee...

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7th February 2011



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