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New to the Half marathon Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 295 replies

Welcome to the Half marathon Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Half marathon' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fell...

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Hi Dave, I have used My Asics as a guide when I was training for a marathon, free software. Like you, I feel guilty on rest days, I think I am addicted to endorphins. I usually go for a bike ride to give the legs a break. It is important to stay injury...


Run with or without water belt/hydration vest?

Topic • 26 replies

I know there are water stations along the route, so my question is: Should I run with my 1.5 liter hydration 20oz water bottle belt, or trust the water stations for hydration?

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I did my first Half last October and I used a water belt. Thinking back, I probably didn't need it as there were plenty of water stations and it kind of got in the way. I have a Half coming up in March and I'm inclined to run ths one without carrying water.


Sports drinks

Topic • 16 replies

What do you prefer to drink during a marathon ?1. Lucozade sport 2. Powerade 3.water

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during the race, water. I might have a sip of gatorade at the 2nd last drink station, but other than that, water and then nuun at the finish line / post race


Good stuff for a common running complaint...

Topic • 11 replies  

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I guess I need to break down finally and get one...


Best foods for pre-race fuel?

Topic • 35 replies

I'm thinking I will eat a light breakfast about 1.5-2 hours before the race. It will include a banana, toast with peanut butter and maybe an energy bar. Washed down with some gatorade. Looking for any and all suggestions on what has worked for you going in...

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Great discussion!


Youngest 1/2 M'er ??? .. So, what's YOUR excuse?

Topic • 9 replies   Running is full of amazing stories and they come from all ages and ability levels. One of the latest ones comes from Abilene, Texas, where 6-year-old Keelan Gl...

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well there is a law about this, you have to be 17 for a half, 18 for a full. As the athleate will not be insured. well thats in the uk. I would not have let her race, but its that an official list? If we LET insurance companies rule our lives- we're...


Great North Run

Topic • 30 replies

Hi guys, anyone doing the GNR this year? It is my first half marathon. Training is going quite well I think, but always on the look out for added motivation!

Newest reply

Me too I hope to get in as well, we should have a TS team! loving that idea Kirsten x :D How amazing would it be :) heres to hoping we all get a place and we are all injury free so we can take part. :D Oh yeah!


Training Between Events

Topic • 3 replies

Two weeks ago I ran my first HM. I've still been runing since then but, having really upped the mileage as part of 12 week training plan before the run, I've not been putting in the same mileage. Now I've got my eye on another HM that is five weeks away. S...

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I wouldn't run anything longer then 10 k three weeks before your event. 


"Running Ransom Road"

Topic • 3 replies

Listened to a fantastic interview today with a recovering alcoholic who has used running as part of his process to staying sober.

Newest reply

Good on you Bonnie!  


Tips for breathing in cold weather?

Topic • 29 replies

Hi everyone, I've just started training for the Silverstone Half Marathon in March but finding it really difficult to stay commited as I'm having breathing problems in the cold air.  I went running last night and after 10 minutes I was really struggling wi...

Newest reply

I am really grateful for this post, because as a new runner, I am not particularly acquainted with things like this and was having the same problem with coughing. I do a lot of training at night because it is my only option sometimes and Nebraska weather...


Shoe for my first half marathon

Topic • 27 replies

Please suggest a shoe for marathon. I am thinking of ASICS Gel Keyano or Addidas. I am from India and brands mostly available are Nike ,addidas , ascis.

Newest reply

Always worth getting fitted for your first shoes at a specialist running store, to avoid blowing a ton of money on shoes that won't be comfortable or help you run injury-free.


Running "Naked"

Topic • 10 replies

Hi everyone! So since January 1st of this year I have not put on a running watch at all. It is a new experience for me. I have always been obsessed with pacing and tracking times. I am a 1:36 Halfer and going for a sub 1:35 in May. I just do my training run...

Newest reply

I am always charting a new trail in my area I have so many too choose from. I love my Garmin, I need to know milage its just a thing for me I like to see that number and pace. And if I am on a new trail or a trail in general your percieved effort is sort of...


reading half

Topic • 4 replies

hi everyone i am newbie here, am doing reading half on sunday which i am looking forward to, have done many half's but not this one, is anyone doing this  

Newest reply

I wish!  Have a great race :)


Ballot for Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon -UK

Topic • 17 replies Ballot opens January 28th 2013.

Newest reply

Hi Kaye, if the public places are still available I'll do the Great Scottish Run, Glasgow on  6 October. Not too bothered about Liverpool because it gives me more time to get my fitness back after my foot injury - and I've paid the hotel fees already so...


All State 13.1 Marathon NY March 23, 2013

Topic • 10 replies

who's gonna join this half marathon next year? it would be my second. :) excited for it :)

Newest reply

i know you'll become faster in no time! good night! :))


Advice ....pls

Topic • 12 replies

 HI all .. i have just completed myfirst half  .. yeh !!! .... 2hrs and 9 mins so  a pretty decent time for a undulatin ( well felt lke up hilll ! all theway )  course .. anyhow ..was  drinking a  electolyte drink  whilst running ( zerocals)   so wasnt thi...

Newest reply

 thanks all for your  posts .. much appreciated .. will try  the  gels i think whilst training .. i was actually dirinking the Zero plus caffeine  drink on the day ... I would definitey try out the caffeine drink prior race day - Some people have said...


"Pin"spiration: Inspirational Running Quotes

Topic • 6 replies

Newest reply

So funny....our PE teachers just put this on the board this week for their students to read and think about.....first time I've seen it, and now I see it here.  It's a quote by Henry Ford, founder of the Ford motor company. I suppose it applies to all...


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