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Healthy Eating Habits

This tribe does not boast of extreme nutritional philosophies or staying unrealistically thin, or killing yourself by not eating foods you love. This tribe is about feeling great and energetic having a stable mood and keeping yourself healthy by following very simple and easy principles. A range of healthy foods with nutrients, taste and colors can be included in the diet to develop healthy eating habits.
I urge all of you to come forward with a healthy and holistic way towards nutrition.

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Shelby  J Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

Contributorbronze Shelby J I always tried to eat healthy but once I saw a movie clip called Fat, Sick and nearly DEAD, I made a conscious effort to eat healthier. I started with a juicing cleanse and now I use my nutribullet daily (2 different juice combinations, mostly veggies) and dinner or lunch with lean protein, legumes (sometimes) and veggies. I drink hot ginger& lemon water daily (16oz) and I try to stay away from sugar, red meat and processed foods. I post my meals and exercise daily on my fb page and this really helps to keep me motivated.

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Amanda C Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

Maybe you looked up last night and realized you ate all of the wings instead of saving half like you meant to. Or maybe, despite your best intentions, you overdid it with the Thanksgiving leftovers or the holiday party buffet spread.

Don't panic...

Vylisa A Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

A lot of this is down to lack of education, lack of interest from parents. If their child refuses to eat a vegetable, it's better to feed them anything else. At least then they've eaten something. This is a very common belief, I'm sure. Knowledge...

Dave W Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

I agree David !! Info-mercials discussing the risks of obesity and (type 2) Diabetes would be a good idea !! We have adverts against smoking, drinking and drink driving, but Diabetes is a killer and type 2 could be reduced by carefully considering...

Amanda C Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

Sports-iqgold Amanda C answered the question What can you do after eating?

I have never heard of these things. I always knew the rule when I was younger not to swim after eating you must wait 1/2 an hr. But I smoke and that I can tell you that at least 95% of smokers will all say after food...

Rochelle M Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Rochelle M answered the question Favorite Meal?

If I was on death row, my favourite last meal would be roast lamb, mashed potatoes, roast parsnips, roast carrots, broccoli (roasted or steamed to al dente) Yorkshire puds, mint sauce & gravy.  Followed by a portion...

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Felice A Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Felice A answered the question Favorite Meal?

I love steamed sweet potato with cheese. I love steamed broccoli. I love vegetable stir fry. I love fried eggs. I love salmon dishes. hmm there goes the healthy favorites.  meanwhile, I also love potato chips and ...

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Zainab H Healthy Eating Habits Tribe

Zainab H answered the question Favorite Meal?

Breakfast! I love fresh berries, peanut butter on some toast, almonds and usually either some water or a smootie with fresh fruits, yogurt, skim milk and desert tofu. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! xx

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1st March 2012



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