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Home Workout Movement

Who says you can't get in good shape at home? Doing your workouts at home saves your time, energy and especially your money. Join the Home Workout Movement and share tips, ask questions and inspire others by sharing your progress. Let's make home workouts fun and easy!

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Christopher E Home Workout Movement  Tribe

Instead of a paper journal there is an app called myfitnesspal that is very easy to use and you can either type in what you ate or scan the barcode and it brings up the nutritional information for the stuff. It tells you the macros and micros and...

Christopher E Home Workout Movement  Tribe

With a tabata timer you can make any exercise seem crazy. 20 sec full out, 10 sec rest. You adjust it according to what you want to work like arms...pushups, pull-ups, bicep curls, triceps extensions. Run each exercis...

Amanda C Home Workout Movement  Tribe

Hey Jonah there are dozen of little workouts you can do for little time. There are tons of people who are either in school or that just have busy lives. Here's what I have for you. Workouts: This is a tri...

Kimberly K Home Workout Movement  Tribe

Contributorgold Kimberly K On average, how long do you all workout in one day? I normally work out for 45 - 60 minutes a day- Monday through Friday.. On weekends I don't do a timed physical routine because I am so busy in the yard and house that I am sure I get a great workout in anyways.


I work on a farm and my job is very physical,so most of my workout routines are very short and very fast.No more than 30 to 45mins three times a week

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