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Home Workout Movement

Who says you can't get in good shape at home? Doing your workouts at home saves your time, energy and especially your money. Join the Home Workout Movement and share tips, ask questions and inspire others by sharing your progress. Let's make home workouts fun and easy!

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Danielle T Home Workout Movement  Tribe

Contributorbronze Danielle T I just completed the scientific 7-minute workout.

Amélie M encouraged this.


Turn it into a actual "Workout" so others can take it! You can include the link to the video in the description.

Danielle T encouraged this.

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Fiona H Home Workout Movement  Tribe

I do most of my exercising at home these days and while I don't seem to have any problems with the strength training, it's sometimes takes what seems like herculian effort to drag myself off the couch and get the cardio done. I'm currently alterna...

Loretta A Home Workout Movement  Tribe

I recently added yoga to my daily routine and I prefer to do that at home rather than in the gym.  Here I have the necessary peace and can concentrate on the poses.  In addition, I can quickly look up a video if I am not certain about a pose.  Sa...

Jenn B Home Workout Movement  Tribe

Hi Chiomzie, my little trick that I use for motivation at home, is that I leave my yoga mat unrolled on the floor at the end of my bed.  I have to walk by it constantly, so most times I'll get down on it and do my crunches, glute kickbacks, planks...

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