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I only exercise so that I can eat more

Let's get this out in the open - because we're all thinking the same thing.

The only reason I go to the gym, run, swim, cycle or exercise is so that I can eat more without getting fat.

A hard session on the treadmill? That'll be a big mac please!

60 miles on the bike? Make mine a Sunday roast!

Everyone knows that this is how exercise works, so stop pretending and confess...

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Amanda C I only exercise so that I can eat more Tribe

Could you be sabotaging your fitness success by eating any of these?

1.) Flaxseed:While they are great for your body (and weight loss), flaxseeds are full of fiber, which could impede your workout efforts by causing gas and/or bloating, says...

Dave W I only exercise so that I can eat more Tribe

Yes, I agree. Once you do start exercising your body craves healthier foods and depending on which kind of metabolism you have, you will crave sugars/carbs or proteins. I have protein cravings! Although I do have cheat days, they are much less oft...

Dave W I only exercise so that I can eat more Tribe

I eat to exercise, but then again, I exercise so I can eat whatever I want. People at work say "If I ate all that, I'd be 20 stone". This is true, and if I eat what I do, but don't exercise maybe I'd be 20 stone. But that's the point I CAN eat mor...

Kevin C I only exercise so that I can eat more Tribe

Contributorbronze Kevin C Its true.... just like the topic of this page says.....we are all thinking about it. I have certain foods I just love and crave. I'm limiting myself to just one of my favourite treats a week, if i've worked out during the week. Im joining TribeSports so maybe it will help motivate me!

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