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New to the Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Trib...

Topic • 34 replies

Welcome to the Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not ...

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Oh I'm sure that you will be inspired - there are a lot a great folks here .. but Inspiration is a 2-way street and you will be doung you fair share here to, I'm sure.


Just One Video Can & Should Change The Way You Look At Th...

Topic • 17 replies

This video I recently watched has become very popular just in ONE WEEK! 19 Million views!!! It can and should change your life!!! SERIOUSLY!

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I watched this for the first time today through a link from my son.  I want to emphasize that it shouldn't make you feel guilty.  In this day and age, it's improbable that any of us would give up our computers, cell phones, etc.  Just as it's improbable we...


New Users : How do we engage and retain them.....

Topic • 41 replies

Hi everyone, If you are reading this, you have embraced the TS community ... you're IN.... But I have just been to look for new users to Welcome and encourage and was discouraged myself by the sheer number that have 'joined' the community but not JOINED IN...

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thanks for clearing that up Dave :) I trust you're training is going well my new linkedin connection ;) Pretty good, amping things up over the next week Daniel. Good to be linked to you ;-) Hope you are still doing well !! Im doing amazing at...


Triathlon ...... inspiration

Topic • 3 replies Newcastle Mum Becomes International Triathlete: On A Used £150 Bike I love my bike ......... it's red

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good high catch!  Thats whats great about age groups in triathlon, with a little dedication its not beyond the ability of a fit athlete to represent their country :)


Around the world with no money, inspiring adventure!

Topic • 0 replies

Hey there! I'd like to share with you an amazing adventure by Luís Pinto, a fellow portuguese man. He decided to put his engineering course on hold and go for an adventure around the world... with no money and only a musical instrument! You can watch the tra...

Come on people ... Step UP your Game!!!

Topic • 83 replies

There are WAY too many boring, uninspiring, DUPLICATE challenges being created in here of late. Before you create a challenge - search to see if there is one already. Engage your brain and devise something NEW, ORIGINAL and INSPRIING. Take a look at some...

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I agree I was wishing for that just a while ago, too.


Inspirational weight training - at 77 years old - Ernesti...

Topic • 5 replies

Her motto is Determined, Dedicated, Discplined. She was born in 1936. Her ambition is to train Michelle Obama. She is amazing. Check out this video link:    

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Thanks so much for sharing this - what an incredible human being :)


Inspiring Quotes

Topic • 110 replies

Some people find them cheesey, but i find a lot of motivation in a well thought out quote! some of my old favourites! "Fortune favors the brave." Publius Terence "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." anon "If everything's under control, you're go...

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Do not regret growing older It is a privelige denied to many    Having been diagnosed with cancer last year (Glad to say I no longer have it) I spent a fair bit of time not being sure if I had long or not. Whenever I hear people moan about getting older...


Inspiring people inspiring challenges

Topic • 3 replies

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place. everyday is one day closer so DON'T QUIT, PlEaSe ;0)

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U have no idea wht u can achieve unless you begin somewhere. As i push my self i realize the things i once felt impossible are now within my grasp. Theres no stopping now ... Miles to go before i sleep Defination of True Hell :- " On your last day on the...


Documentary on Canadian Hero Terry Fox

Topic • 1 reply - Very well done and truly inspirational. If you are not from Canada and do not know Terry Fox, in 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Worth wat...

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Thanks for sharing Ben - he was one spectacular guy - and surely makes me proud to be Canadian :)


Start today!

Topic • 4 replies

A year from now you will wish you had started TODAY! Think about that

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I start TODAY....everyday!!!



Topic • 2 replies

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." ~ Wayne Gretzky

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Love it!!!


Inspirational Video

Topic • 1 reply   Pretty amazing and a great example of the power of self-belief.

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OH YEAH......I have this on my favorites list and watch it when I feel sorry for myself cos Iam in pain! It is also a good example of what Yoga can do for you.


Inspiration from non-sports person.

Topic • 6 replies

There are things which we are exposed to everyday in our lives and inspiration can come from many things which we are exposed to. Today I was watching tv and found that I had a huge respect for the physical shape which P!NK is in. Check out her music video...

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yesterday while in a conversation we was talking aboout future and successfull decisions, when she asked why do i think of risking like that i suddenly come up with "if we're very cappable of doing great, why we would not?"


There is Ultra-Marathon and then there is Pat Farmer!

Topic • 5 replies

Ultra-Marathon runner Pat Farmer who ran from the North Pole to the South Pole, which was the equivalent of running 2 marathons a day for nearly a year with NO DAYS OFF, has just announced his next challenge: He is running the length of Vietnam in one dire...

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I just watched some of his videos. I'm trying to find the full movie (if it's available). I'm buying his book and can't wait to read it!


Here's a challenge you might not have thought about since...

Topic • 1 reply Picking up litter was something they made us do at school (sometimes as a detention!  oops!) but how often do you pick it up now?  We just moved from New Zealand to Scotland, and we...

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Along the same lines of thinking, there's also and


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