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Just Breathe

Running out of breath? At one time or another, every runner has gasped for air: it's a simple fact of running. But if it happens with great regularity perhaps you are not breathing correctly. Good breathing techniques are an important part of running because it is necessary to oxygenate the muscles and organs during the intensive exercise. Poor breathing technique, such as rapid or shallow breathing, often leads to cramps and anxiety. Join our tribe and share tips, ask questions and together we can improve our running efficiency.

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Claryssa B Just Breathe Tribe

Contributorbronze Claryssa B I really enjoy listening to heavy metal and rock bands while running; such as System of the Down, Linkin Park, Five Finger Death Punch, Optimus Prime, Shinedown, Slipknot and Breaking Benjamin. It keeps me warm and motivated while running in the cold weather. I mouth the words while running because it helps me control my breathing and just focus on my workout.

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Oliver S Just Breathe Tribe

Oliver S replied to the topic Breathing while running

Hey guys, I am new to this just wanted to say hi. I read the post by Nicola D about the breathing apparatus, just wanted to agree, they are fantastic and simple bits of training kit. I rarely get a stitch anymore whilst running. My technique whil...

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Nathan B Just Breathe Tribe

Contributorbronze Nathan B I think I figured out proper breathing while lifting weights a little better after my routine last night. I worked out my arms mainly but I feel like I rocked my core too. I'm slowly learning more and more everyday

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Sounds like you're making good progress!

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