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Just because there doesn't seem to be a tribe for Paddlers right now and there should be!!

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Jenn B Kayaking! Tribe

Contributorgold Jenn B Another Winter Storm Warning here....20+cm more snow. I just want to be in my kayak, in the water Already!!! :o(


Still snowing here 7 hours later :o(

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Hazel B Kayaking! Tribe

Hazel B answered the question Paddling q.

Sea kayaks always want to turn into the wind naturally, don't know the technical side of it just know that the bow spins towards the wind. Could this be a possibility? I use stern rudder to hold the boat straight when...

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Ralph M Kayaking! Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Ralph M answered the question Paddling q.

There are a few things to consider, first would be position in the kayak.  You should be centered in the kayak.  With a sit-in kayak you should have 5 points of contact, toes, heels, knees, bottom and back. The foot...

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Heather W Kayaking! Tribe

Heather W answered the question Paddling q.

I sometimes find myself doing the same thing, with and without my rudder. I think if my weight is slightly off center it will make me turn - whether it's from pushing on my footpegs unevenly or something else I do...

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17th September 2011



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