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Laughter is Good For Your Abs

Laughter can be a great mental release from the stresses of everyday life. It can also (if you are laughing violently enough) be a great workout! Share your hilarious jokes, videos, and stories right here!

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Safa E Laughter is Good For Your Abs Tribe

Contributorgold Safa E With this baby's arriaval (I recieved her this friday) I've been having so much laughter. She's turning 3 weeks soon and she's crazy. She keeps jumping and running all arround the room. I've been thinking that it's waste not to log all the abs exercise I've done because of her.. Then I found this tribe!! :D


Yep, he is an old boy. In great shape though. Has a tough time sometimes jumping. He was actually the boyfriend's cat before we met. Although you would think we have been together since the beginning. I swear he thinks I am "his woman" - He is incredibly protective of me and does this little nipping thing to put me in my place:) I adore him and he remains the king of this castle. Ask the dog, who gets beat up by him every time he acts up and causes chaos. lol


hahahaha poor dog tough :D dogs always let the cats do whatever they want :D My friend has a cat and german shepherd and the dog is just like yeah whatever have it your way just leave me alone :D

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Jeff C Laughter is Good For Your Abs Tribe

Contributorgold Jeff C I am a clown. I am belong here. LOL.

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Kevin G Laughter is Good For Your Abs Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G Another professional portrait sat this time in Dublin, Heineken CUp rugby weekend !!


Funny and creepy at the same time. true memory: I had really high fever as a child and I was hallucinating, my bed was surrounded by those little guys (tiny versions) and they were jumping on the end of the bed and pulling my hair. Eeeek!

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I am sorry if this picture invoked a horrible memory. Maybe I should stick to green wigs and gloves !!

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Tamara A Laughter is Good For Your Abs Tribe

Might ofend some, but was not my intention. Here goes;

-What floower does a women have btween her legs?-

 - Two lips....

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