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Let's Run

Let's not drive to the corner store, not take the bus for two stops down the road, not take the train to the next city, not fly to the next continent!

Let's just Run!

Let's Run...up the hills, down the hills, by the canal, by the sea...the list is long. Run run run and feel as amazing as ever!!!

Next time your friends say, let's drive to the pub, let's take the train to town...just reply, Let's Run there!

I feel an interactive app coming up with a few ideas spinning in my head! Will discuss with the TRIBESPORTS Team

For now...Let's RUN

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Kevin G Let's Run Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic Fun and running...

Sorry to hear about your illness, I am not good at coping with long absences either. They always say try and run a 20 miler, your close enough and as long as you have nailed your hydration and food strategy, tapered properly and feel at least rest...

Russ B Let's Run Tribe

Contributorgold Russ B .


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Michael H Let's Run Tribe

Communicatorbronze Michael H replied to the topic Reasons to run

Several reasons which have changed over time. At first I hated running but was roped into a half marathon at work as nobody else was fit enough to do it and we needed someone. Had to run at first to build up which was a real chore.

Fitness, I hav...

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