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Let's Run

Let's not drive to the corner store, not take the bus for two stops down the road, not take the train to the next city, not fly to the next continent!

Let's just Run!

Let's Run...up the hills, down the hills, by the canal, by the sea...the list is long. Run run run and feel as amazing as ever!!!

Next time your friends say, let's drive to the pub, let's take the train to town...just reply, Let's Run there!

I feel an interactive app coming up with a few ideas spinning in my head! Will discuss with the TRIBESPORTS Team

For now...Let's RUN

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Emma P Let's Run Tribe

Emma P replied to the topic Reasons to run

Setting and achieving goals, clearing the spider webs in my head to! i am loving running at the moe but go through periods of not enjoying it due to putting to much pressure on myself with unrealistic goals.

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Dave W Let's Run Tribe

Communicatorgold Dave W replied to the topic Reasons to run

I'm not like most people here; I love to work out, but do dislike running. To be honest, I'm not too keen on Cardio at all. I do run (and walk quite fast) purely for health and fitness reasons. I do enjoy the challenge, as with any activity I set...

Monica S Let's Run Tribe

Communicatorsilver Monica S replied to the topic Reasons to run

I agree with all of those and I would add at the top of my list it is the thing my son and I bond over the most. We are exactly alike, but I can't quite describe the feeling I got when me son called me a beast for busting through 8 miles of calf d...

Nocturnal R Let's Run Tribe

Sports-iqgold Nocturnal R answered the question Which distance tracker ?

Was just handed a TomTom GPS Runner to try out and review.  Loved it.  Simple to use with all the essesntial functions.   Locks the GPS in 30secs if you sync your watch every 2-3 days.   Syncing is just plugging the...

Monica S Let's Run Tribe

Sports-iqgold Monica S answered the question starting

I would say first off the speed and distance does not matter for people wo truly want to run in a group. We have a club that runs and we have a lot of people at every place on the spectrum and sometimes that can affe...

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Monica S Let's Run Tribe

Its all relative, every person is going run differently. There is no defined answer. Let it go and just enjoy the run and the progress you make along the way. I ran my first half with the wrong age on my bib. They ha...

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