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The difference between treadmill running and road running

Guide • 3 responses

There can be a tendency amongst the running community to look with disdain upon treadmills as they are not 'proper running'. Here is a guide to show you the advantages and disadvantages of Treadmill running compared with Road running. Motivation: to run on... uphills

Guide • 2 responses

Using proper running technique while climbing uphill is important in ensuring that you do not exert too much energy and are still maintaining a stable pace. Mastering the uphill running technique will help improve your running times and will make your runs...

For you to read

Guide • 0 responses

Online running magazine

I am a long distance runner, same as you

Guide • 1 response

Why we run? Nice video to watch if you are hooked on running   Enjoy. Only for canada

How to get off the couch

Guide • 1 response

A Run/Walk Program to help you get started into RunningIf you haven't run or jogged much before, here's a good way to start Follow the following program to get yourself fit to start doing some long distance running: Week one: Walk for 7 minutes, then j...

4 Exercises to Increase Your Running Speed

Guide • 1 response

Years of studying elite runners in freeze frame video clips have revealed certain truths about optimal form. Both sprinters and distance runners alike can benefit from exercises that duplicate the distinct joint and limb movements, as well as the range of m...

Body Mechanics: Tips For Runners

Guide • 7 responses

The science of body mechanics is much utilised in sports performance analysis and enhancement. Simply put, it is about taking actions to maintain the optimum body alignment. Correct alignment reduces the risk of injury through overstrain and it also ensures...

The Ultimate Runners Guide

Guide • 0 responses

I found a link to this Runners Guide on my University's running club Facebook page. I found the information provided was interesting and well presented. Thought this may be a helpful basic guide for people new to running.

Running with music, solutions for headphones !

Guide • 16 responses

Still in the "cheap smart running gear" serie, I found a great way to stop being bothered with my headphones. Sometimes, I am going for a run with music. When I do, I have always this problem with my headphones, where my phone is in my pocket and pulls the w...

How to save yourself cheaply and efficiently from the rain !

Guide • 5 responses

I learnt a basic thing this weekend when I was in Lake District while a heavy rain was pouring all over the place. If you think the weather is going to be good and you don't take your waterproof jacket or simply if yours is just not waterproof enough (or no...

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