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Do you use the Nike+ Running device, Mobile App, Sportsband or GPS Watch? This is the group for you. Share your Nike+ details, challenges and maybe even play a bit of TAG! Let's make it happen!

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Lindsey J Nike+ Tribe

I don't have my fuelband any more but I used to vary it depending on if it was a gym day or not. I think 3750 is acceptable.  Depends if you hit it too easy on a rest day or not though I guess

Kevin G Nike+ Tribe

Does everyone who has Nike+ GPS sportswatch use it with GPS AND Footpod turned on when running outdoors? Whenever I use Footpod on Treadmill, my PB's become unbelievable so I don't bother with the Footpod at all. But looks like Footpod needed if...

Kevin G Nike+ Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G New to TS , new to this Tribe, but been running with NIke+ GPS watch for a couple of years. Username is KevinG50 but profile not shared yet.. Can somebody tell me how this tribe works from here. Thanks

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Vincent H Nike+ Tribe

Vincent H Hi, all. I've been a Nike+ user for over 5 years. While my running has been haphazard and uneven over the years, a major injury has me back and focused. How focused? I was running outside 8 months after surgery, increased my mileage every month this past summer, and put in 70 miles during the month of October to mark one year since I tore my Achilles tendon. I'm on track to do the same this month and in the next two weeks, I should set a new PR for miles in a year (Old PR: 317 miles). I've set a goal of 1,000 miles for next year, based on raising my current 15+ miles per week up to 18 miles/ week by February, 21 miles/ week by April and 25 miles per week by June.

And I'll be using my Nike+ app (on Android) to track the whole thing. :D

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Claire Michelle H Nike+ Tribe

Contributorsilver Claire Michelle H Still figuring out how to interact with people on the Nike+ site. :/ complete novice, just started to use my nike watch, rest day today can't wait for my days off when i can run in the daylight. Always a treadmill after work as my estate is just creepy at night.

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