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Outdoor Fitness

A Tribe for anyone who gets fit outdoors. Whether its using equipment outside, running down trails, open water swimming, rowing, cycling, ANYTHING as long as its in the great outdoors! Join - discuss, share tips and advice and lets have some photos!!

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Lisa (Mc Alister) P Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Yeah, I agree.  Even for me, personally.  Since I've just gotten back onto to TS and been active I've spent a a lot of time clearing out unclear or 'silly' challenges I had in my list.....they don't make that easy.  since some of them have bee...

Vaunette C Outdoor Fitness Tribe

It is very time consuming to update daily; sometimes I just wait several days to update. I'll start modifying how I update my challenges as well. I like the idea of cleaning up challenges especially the ones that are unclear. Great ideas everyone.

Danyka P Outdoor Fitness Tribe

I agree with you.  I find it more a chore than motivation to update daily challenges.  Sometimes, I just don't come here because I'm starting to find it takes a lot of my precious time.  I do still like the community a lot and all the wonderful pe...

Loretta A Outdoor Fitness Tribe

I like that idea Vanessa and I would love to clean up some challenges and add the correct exercises to the challenges, it something that sometimes really bugs me.  Only today I took a challenge for all outdoor activities except running to be l...

Vanessa M Outdoor Fitness Tribe

I'm also a member of Tripadvisor and they have Destination experts who can moderate forums and blogs. Picking up what was said earlier why can't we give some power to trusted TS users. Perhaps even Tribe Experts who could blog and even clean up ch...

Karen L Outdoor Fitness Tribe

LOL @pdt .... I guess I am ! There are so many truly great things about this site, not least the people. Great ideas from the people on this thread. We all know of others who have left because the site lost it's va-va-voom.

On the UOTW - we need...

Phil T Outdoor Fitness Tribe

So I'd say Karen is quite keen to see Tribesports thrive once again!!!!!  It's great to see so many people getting involved in this discussion.  I 100% agree, we get out what we put in.

The site has had many improvements over the years and a big...

Loretta A Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Great post and great ideas KareN and I agree with all of them.  In particular then discouraging of posting every single day in longer term challenges although I am guilty of that myself.  Although lately I started to simply state start date an...

Karen L Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Great discussion @pdt 

Next Wednesday, I celebrate my 3rd anniversary of joining Tribesports ..... on April Fools Day :-D

I became addicted immediately. I loved the variety & mix of the challenges. There were relatively easy wins that were moti...

Kevin G Outdoor Fitness Tribe

@steve Steve, thanks for providing a current update re Indexing, it is appreciated and I think we all acknowledge that resource and its best deployment will always be an issue. Notifications and disappearing Reply boxes has been an issue for sever...

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4th August 2012



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