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Road Runners

This is for road runners!

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Kevin G Road Runners Tribe

My pet hate is running around my streets on dustbin day when it is windy.

dustbin lids overtaking you, paper sacks floating over your head, and every coloured bin you can imagine.

and then there's all the mess thar has magically missed the truck...

Dwight W Road Runners Tribe

I once had a dog decide that he needed to join me while I was running. Fortunately, he was friendly but it was pretty disconcerting at first and then really odd that he ran about three miles with me while appearing to have a blast before he finall...

Dwight W Road Runners Tribe

Seems like dogs are a common theme. I only have two real problems with dogs or rather some dog owners. One is more with their owners who dont bother to clean up after their dogs. This is especially true when it's on the path, seriously what is wro...

Simone B Road Runners Tribe

The dogs around where I run aren't too bad, but the flies are aweful! So yeah flies and gnats/insects are probably my biggest pet peeve when running. Also having to stop for traffic lights or people hogging the path are irritating as well.

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18th March 2012



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