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Running Fanatics

Totally fanatical about getting in shape, and reaching your goals? Join other excited runners and share running routines, exercise plans, eating tips, and racing achievements. I'm totally excited about having you in our group. The sky is the limit !!

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Archie H Running Fanatics Tribe

 Sometimes in life circumstances fuel our emotions. At these times if we're not careful, our training regimen can be altered. I'm careful to fulfill my workouts, even when struggling with hurt feelings or struggles. What have you learned in life t...

Vaunette C Running Fanatics Tribe

Thank you Brenda for sharing informaion about your brother-in-law. That gives me comfort and hope. I've never worn a heart rate monitor but am looking into it now. I'd really like to get one I can wear on my wrist vs strapping one around my chest...

Brenda D Running Fanatics Tribe

Oh Vaunette..... So sorry !!!!!!! My sisters husband has CAD and got a stent in. He's quite athletic and since then he has kept up all his exercises .He does keep on eye on his heart by wearing a heart monitor while he's doing exercises. I reckon...

Brenda D Running Fanatics Tribe

The Dublin sprint triathlon. The nerves before the swim. Having to run up to your bike and try and take wet suit off as quick as you can and the run after the cycle. Quite challenging and great fun!!!!!

Archie H Running Fanatics Tribe

  This is a hard answer !  I had three that I really loved, but the best was the " Tough Mudder" in Chicago in May.  This was my first mud course, and it lived up to the billing.  I had two teammates, and the obstacles were fun, and intense!  Will...

Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

Daily squats has commenced and a lot of cycling recently will have helped. The month is for me to see whether and how I need to adapt, but I take onboard what you have said about the longterm nature of this change. Thank you for your opinion,...

William  B Running Fanatics Tribe

This sounds like adopting a more forward foot fall. If this is correct it will take more than a month and coaches generally say it takes about a year for the transition to take effect. Your calfs and achilies will be constantly spring loaded and w...

Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

WIlliam, I went to a Running School for a Biomechanical and movement anslysis because I am entirely self taught and whilst having run 4,000+ km incl 1 marathon and 32 HMs with little to no injuries, I wanted to explore my future potential at the t...

Vaunette C Running Fanatics Tribe

A month ago I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). A week later I had stent placement in the main artery to my heart. My cardiologist says I will be able to get back to doing all the activities I used to. This past week I ran two 5k d...

William  B Running Fanatics Tribe

It depends what you are going to do ie are you going from heel strike to fore foot. If you are then it's a lengthy transition which cant be rushed or you will pick up an injury. if you don't have an injury and change styles then the old adage "if...

Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

has anyone tried to change their running technique in order to reduce likelihood of injury and improve efficiency and speed.

Good idea or am I tempting Injury, anyone got views, interested to hear them

Danyka P Running Fanatics Tribe

I don't have a list either. I used to wear Saucony brand until the shoes store told me that brand was not designed for my type of feet. I used to have lot of blisters with them. Now, I use Brooks since 2 years, Adr...

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