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Running Fanatics

Totally fanatical about getting in shape, and reaching your goals? Join other excited runners and share running routines, exercise plans, eating tips, and racing achievements. I'm totally excited about having you in our group. The sky is the limit !!

  • Chris D
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Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

The world is saturated with negative people and negativity, it's all the more disappointing when it appears amongst family members. It's normally totally wrong from over opinionated and highly unqualified people, but not in their heads. Challenge...

Monica S Running Fanatics Tribe

My son runs cross country. He has been on varsity since he was a froshman. In fact he has lettered in all his atheletic pursuits in school thus far. And yet I still have people in my family who find they have to mention everything he is doing wron...

Kirstin M Running Fanatics Tribe

Communicatorsilver Kirstin M replied to the topic Keeping the Mojo

hi, this is relevant to all fitness disciplines!  It's a total mind switch, I enjoy doing anything for other people, but just never find the time for myself.  I find it very hard to find motivation (especially when feeling down), but then I think...

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William  B Running Fanatics Tribe

Train your head as well as your body. You are capable of great feats of endurance however your body might want to give up before it had has to. Train your head to be in the right place to tell it to keep going when the going gets tough.

Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic Keeping the Mojo

I like to push myself be it time, distance or speed, I have entered 2 races for the first time this year, but sometimes you have to forget about all that and run for pure fun and pleasure. I like to explore new towns on foot, I will run around lak...

Archie H Running Fanatics Tribe

Running has helped me find energy, speed, beauty , health, friendships, endurance, and multiple blessings. Running has taught me hard work is always rewarded. It's also taught me when I am down, a fellow runner will pick me up. Cheers !

Monica S Running Fanatics Tribe

Communicatorgold Monica S replied to the topic Foot Health

I think that the key is protecting your feet all the time, not just during a run. I have noticed there is a distinction between avid runners and non runners when they come into my shop for new shoes. Most that have a great deal of running under th...

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Archie H Running Fanatics Tribe

Dial It Up Relay: starts in 19 days. It is a blast! You get to train, encourage teammates, and feel great about yourself! We need 3 more people right now to finish forming a team. Cheers!

Andy H Running Fanatics Tribe

For me: know your limits, work within them and push them as much as you can but don't lose the enjoyment.  I started training for a marathon last year but after 8 weeks of training and pushing myself just past half marathon distance, which is the...

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12th May 2012



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