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Running Music

What does everyone listen to when they go running? What's that inspirational tune or playlist that gets you through that last 5 minutes on the treadmill or last half hour in a marathon? Song names, album names, artist - the more info the better!

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Amélie M Running Music Tribe

Amélie M replied to the topic Your top 10 songs playlist

1) One Republic: Life in color

2) One Republic: Secrets

3) Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

4) Imagine Dragons: Demons

5) 30 seconds to Mars: Hurricane

6) 30 seconds to Mars: The Kill

7) The Cinematic Orchestra: To build a home

8) Alter bridge...

Hope L Running Music Tribe

Communicatorbronze Hope L replied to the topic Your top 10 songs playlist

I found this while looking for new music to add to my playlist. While I'm not sure if I'll use the entire playlist, but there are few songs I like. Let me know what y'all think! :)

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