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Running Music

What does everyone listen to when they go running? What's that inspirational tune or playlist that gets you through that last 5 minutes on the treadmill or last half hour in a marathon? Song names, album names, artist - the more info the better!

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Allan J Running Music Tribe

When I use any, it is Aftershokz. Unlike traditional headphones, they sit beside the ear rather than in it. Means you can hear traffic and other noises. Sound quality is just as good as anything else. Here's a link...

Phil T Running Music Tribe

I've been running with Yurbuds Focus for a few months now. Good sound quality, very comfortable and they don't move about. One thing I really like about them is the fact I get no 'wind noise' like I have found with...

Hitesh M Running Music Tribe

Hitesh M While Morning Walks & Cycling (on the roads), I listen to "Art Of Living" satsang-bhajans, peaceful & rock types; but everything is COOL.. :-)


BonneyM hits, sometimes. Also 'Greatness Held Hostage' by Mike Litman, repeatedly.. :-)

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Bill S Running Music Tribe

Contributorgold Bill S I played my Billy Idol playlist today during my 5 mile run. Dropped one minute on my time and this one song really helped me get up s difficult hill on my course. 'Rebel Yell' I think that was the best I've ran that hill.

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Rylen O Running Music Tribe

Rylen O replied to the topic Your top 10 songs playlist

lucky strike-maroon 5

rather be-clean bandit

feel again-one republic

waiting for the end-linkin park

bleeding out-imagine dragons

come over-clean bandit


the man who never lied-maroon 5

speed of sound-coldplay

wild card-hunter h...

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