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Sport Motivations

Everyone has there lazy days. Those days you can't be bothered to get of your ass and do something, for all the excuses you make, and for all the faffing you do to prevent it! This tribe is for people to post Inspiring sayings and stories to get the readers on the other end away from the TV and out in the fresh air!

Have you got a good inspiring story e.t.c to tell? We wanna hear it!

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James (Jim) G Sport Motivations Tribe

Very happy to have been outside for two days training this weekend. The last one was so frustrating, even on the instructors course we had to queue for equipment and pick up other peoples dumbells to avoid tripping over them Aaaaargh!

Dan G Sport Motivations Tribe

Got caught out today by a dramatic weather change. When I arrived at the gym, it was sunny, and pretty warm for mid-November. When I came out, a monsoon/hurricane had apparently arrived, which was less than ideal since I didn't have a coat, and I...

Alan A Sport Motivations Tribe

Yeah it's like the whole "coexist" thing.

They're at the gym, not the bar or casino.

We'll still claim 'em as one of us.

I'm just sensitive to judgements in the gym since I'm regularly pre-judged there with prejudice, and my indoor season is ab...

Kevin G Sport Motivations Tribe

And then there are those people who have extra special routines which mean that they can stand and have a 3 minute conversation with their mates between each set, even when they know damn well that others are wanting to use that machine.


Isabelle  C Sport Motivations Tribe

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Jon A Sport Motivations Tribe

How about those people who take two, sometimes even three, benches to do multiple sets of bench dips? Or use the squat rack to rest the bar they're using for Bent Over Rows? Chins or Pull-Ups on the Cable Cross-Overs? If the place is empty, be as...

Mitz P Sport Motivations Tribe

I hate it when people finish usually free weights and instead of putting them back so its clear for others that they are free for use, they leave them lying around. You can never find what you need because of this and end up wasting time

Jenn B Sport Motivations Tribe

I can handle just about anything at the gym, plates not put away, grunters, sweaty machines........but bad BO is something I can't handle, there's no escape sometimes.   Yeah everyone smells a little funky sometimes, but change up the workout gear...

Karen L Sport Motivations Tribe

I agree Jim .... I also hate the queueing to use equipment and the whole sense of people eyeing up what you're doing or how you're performing (especially as a female using weights). I have recently cancelled my gym membership (again). I have a...

James (Jim) G Sport Motivations Tribe

I just hate the gym full stop. Too many egos, posers and back biters. 

So that's two weekends of hell coming up for me as I add 'Gym' to my instructor qualifications :/

Give me wide open spaces and the great outdoors, my gym is wherever and when...

Alan A Sport Motivations Tribe

What infuriates me the most are gym members that get infuriated by others doing things that are harming them (the infuriated) in no way!

LOVE this M.D.'s response to a Wall Street Journal front page story a year and a half ago on a specific gym c...

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