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Preparation, Dedication, Application

Guide • 0 responses

I am currently training full time whilst writing a book and I am studying for a degree, in this sense my time is limited and as a result I have developed effective strategies to maximize my time management and overcome various goals in a given period. The t...

Get Motivated To Exercise!

Guide • 0 responses

Do you have trouble maintaining a fitness programme? Do you lack motivation to start exercising? Are you an Endurance Athlete who struggles with overcoming “the wall?”   This series was originally written for Endurance Athletes but I have made modificat...

How to achieve your goals

Guide • 0 responses

When it comes to keeping on going, reviewing your progress can really help.   There are 8 simple steps listed here that if you follow some or all will almost certainly guarantee yo...

What Fitness is Really About

Guide • 1 response

I read this article on this morning, and it made me reflect quite a lot on exactly why I want to get fit and be healthy, and what my goals actually are!What Fitness is Really About However, weight loss is just a small aspect of fitness, an...

Joseph Lloyds top ten tips for getting fit

Guide • 2 responses

Number 10 - where and when? wherever and whenever, with muscles like these who needs to be clever? Number 9 - Attack on the Rhine!? i bet those nazi's would of won, if they had bigger guns Number 8 - Don't be late, this gym runs on puncuality and muscle t...

Avoid stopping at the same place every run

Guide • 5 responses

If you find that tou always stop at the same place on every run (sort of traget fixation - you see your usualy friendly spot and think that your run is nearly over!!) - well change you ropute to avoid that place for a few days - then when you have run furth...

Run further ...

Guide • 1 response

Pick a target to run to before you allow yourself to stop/walk ... but just before you get to it pick another one sligghtly further on ... and hen before you get to that one pick another and another - before you klnow it you've increased you distance massiv...

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