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Topic • 100 replies

Welcome to the Sport Motivations Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Sport Motivations' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to y...

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hey everyone :) i recently lost about 15lbs (over 3-4months), then had really tough two weeks and saw a lot of my hard work undone by ridiculous poor eating habits (fueled by anxiety) and realized enough is enough- i gained 13 of those pounds back!!! im 29...


Films to motivate

Topic • 23 replies

There are a few films which motivate me more than any other and they are all of the 'step up' films, Warrior (which is brilliant) AND 'Never back down'. Is there any other films you guys would recommend?

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I loved Without Limits. We are Marshall is a good one. Hooshers is old school, but excellent as well. I know this may seem weird, but Seabiscuit and Secretariat are excellent inspirational movies.


Tales of a Fat Chick Running: Sending Some Love to Fight ...

Topic • 15 replies

To the new runners, I just wanted to tell you something: You are awesome. This journey is life-defining and I welcome you and applaud you for coming on this road! Please don't doubt yourself. Even with the weight I've lost, I am still over 200lbs. Yet I hav...

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Great post. Top effort to all those who run, regardless of size. You are all champs and the awe of many who can/will not run. Keep on goal setting. You are doing great and it's always worth it :D


Staying Motivated in the Winter

Topic • 13 replies

Something we all find difficult. Some of my thoughts on it are here; But I really want to know what gets you up and exercise on those cold, dark and rainy days?

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When I run in the winter, I always try to look for the positives around me. If running during daylight, I watch the beauty around me and really focus on enjoying the sunlight. If at night I watch the funny shadows that are created by the streetlights, or th...



Topic • 10 replies

#Knowvember is here and it's time for us all to add to our sports/fitness knowledge. Please share your favourite little-known sporty facts here! 

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The Olympic Gold Medal is actually made of silver and covered with 6 grams of gold.


20 years ago today...Never Give Up

Topic • 1 reply

If nothing else, give the first three minutes a watch.

Newest reply

Laugh everyday, think every day, get emotional every day... great advice 


No Excuses...Yes You CAN!

Topic • 4 replies Keep the tissue handy as you watch this fitness journey.

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I really like this discussion as I am taking the 30 day exercise challenge and I decided to make that going to the gym every day for 2 hrs. NO EXCUSES!!!! as i always seem to find one.   


Hurt my lowerback and gained LBS i still want to be activ...

Topic • 7 replies

I'm a runner i enjoy it to the fullest in the heat Arizona! i was doing lots and lots of lunges and one day OUCH!! my back. like a pinched nerve mabey? and the pain would shoot aroung to my left pelvis bone!.. I took anti inflammatory's felt okay then clean...

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Found out i have Scoliosis and Pars defect -_- good news is im feeling much better going to the chiropractor 2x a week he said to promise to try to baby jog little short run to see how myback reacts :D  this is improvement !!   ah i cant wait to be me agai...


Tales of a Fat Chick Running: "You've done this before"

Topic • 7 replies

In 2001, I left the Air Force and was very much overweight. Between 2001 and 2003 I lost 100lbs with diet, exercise, and decreasing a LOT of negative stress in my life.  I moved, went to college and made some really wonderful friends. I lost that tremendous...

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To everyone, thank you for your replies. I am constantly amazed by the warmth and flowing positivity! I've read and reread your replies so many times. They never fail to keep me motivated and strong! When I recall the last time I lost weight, it happened w...


Tales of a Fat Chick Running: Talking to Strangers

Topic • 14 replies

It was morning, so I decided to go run. My form was sloppy and my legs felt dumpy and heavy. I was convinced that I looked like a caricature of a runner. Less than a mile into my run, a car stopped me. That in itself isn't unusual. It sounds creepy, but I l...

Newest reply

You guys are just too awesome for words. :)


Tales of a Fat Chick Running

Topic • 44 replies

I'm a newbie runner, and I won't lie. I'm fat. As hell. This is no exaggeration, if you told me I was obese, all I could do is shrug and go "Well...yeah." But I exercise and I'm getting much better at cooking healthy food. I've developed an addiction to run...

Newest reply

Sheri, that is probably the best response ever! (to the whole knee thing) Keep up the good work


Motivational speeches and videos

Topic • 21 replies

This gets me pumped for sure: Anyone got any more?

Newest reply great video............... and speech.......... Loved it - very motivating! 


"Clouds" by Zach Sobiech

Topic • 3 replies

Diagnosed at 14 and only given a year to live, Zach Sobiech turned 18 this month. He passed away yesterday; there's so much we can learn from this young man.  >

Newest reply

There is so much negativity in the news and everywhere you look.  It is sad, but so uplifting to see someone like Zach.  Thanks for posting!



Topic • 3 replies

NEVER GIVE UP! It became apparent to me today that there are sometimes that you think “YES, LETS DO THIS!” Once you get going to start to reconsider. I Always have a, uh…. Let’s just call it a plan. This plan usually consists of land marks. I really do not...

Newest reply

I was needed motivation... thx for the text :)


Anybody interested in a virtual fitness accountability pa...

Topic • 494 replies best friend, who hasn't really been up for being a fitness accountability partner with me, just decided she would do such with her mom...and it got me thinking that I really need to get one on my own commitment/fitness level, too. My current levels...

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Haven't posted here in far too long...  So thought posting one of my five new goals for this month to this thread would be a good reboot to that! 3. Go on a minimum of one fun fitness outing with friends this month (be it tubing, kayaking, bike trip, hikin...


Tales of a Fat Chick Running: The Warrior Within

Topic • 14 replies

This actually happened in March. I sometimes need time to ponder things, and by the time I was done pondering, the Boston attacks happened and I was too angry to write about it. There were two races in the same town and I was interested in both. They were...

Newest reply

Great story and trully inspirational for beginner runners like me....time to put the doubts behind and power through!  Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)  


No Excuses

Topic • 2 replies

Need motivation? Watch this mom/daughter team...the daughter is over 40.

Newest reply

Wow, they are just amazing aren't they! The mother is over 70!


Reverse psychology - try it, it works!

Topic • 15 replies

My personal trainer is great at pushing me hard.  Troube is there are still some exercises I don't enjoy at all, or to be truthful, that I actively HATE!  One such is the plank and side plank.  So I got a little reverse psychology number done on me last wee...

Newest reply

My new mantra is “I love hills” I repeat this as soon as I see the hill I’m about to run up. It took two running sessions and I still feel the burn of the hill but it makes it so much easier to face. My advice is to try it. Two thums up


Staying the to keep going

Topic • 14 replies

Sometimes during a run, especially when I am pushing myself, half way through I'll find it challenging to keep going. Sometimes the outcome is I keep pushing through, and finish the session sometimes with a very respectable time, and on other occassion I mi...

Newest reply

When it comes to keeping on going, reviewing your progress can really help.   Which part of achieving your goals do you think is the most important?


Schwarzenegger <3

Topic • 6 replies

My ultimate idol. He says "You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets". You all should listen to his speech below! I keep it on repeat while at the gym, just can't get enough of his totally sexy accent and motivation! http://www...

Newest reply

This brings me back big time as I was a huge Arnold fan when I was growing up. I used to watch "Stay Hungry" and "Pumping Iron" almost monthly for a time and loved his articles in Muscle & Fitness in the '80s & '90s. Thanks for posting this!


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