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How to reduce body fat, just a little.

Question • 6 answers

Hi everyone, I'm just wanting to tone up a little bit, I don't really care if you can see my abbs or what not, and I'm looking for the best changes to make to my diet, as I already work out plenty just don't think enough about what to eat. To start off I did...

Newest answer

You could always drink a meal replacement shake. It's usually healthier than the meals people prepare, and it's easier to do when you're on the go as well.


post operation diet

Question • 6 answers

I am having ACL reconstruction done on Wednesday. While I had lots of great advise on recovery, physical therapy, wound care etc. I have not had luck getting specifics about a diet. I will be less mobile for a few days, so I should probably eat less. What a...

Newest answer

If it makes you feel any better your appetite will likely be diminished, so you won't feel like eating as much.   Are you having this done outpatient or will you be in the hospital for a few days?


How to combat stress eating?

Question • 8 answers

When the stress level is turned up, as it often is at my job, I make time to workout, meditate, take long walks, BUT then I inevitably overeat. Nothing gives me comfort on a Friday night and thru the weekend like some fried onion ring and beer. I am open to...

Newest answer

Perhaps acceptance is your best approach? It sounds like 99% of the time you have a very healthy balance, and so accepting that in these situations a small amount of stress eating is an acceptable coping mechanism? Continuing to judge yourself harshly for...


Do you know any light snack that could be eaten during a ...

Question • 4 answers

Dance class and rehearsals can last up to 4 or 5 hours and i'd like to know is there any light snack that could refuel me but doesnt stop me from continuing dancing. And what should i eat in those situations? I probably need to eat carbs, but how do i get t...

Newest answer

For a quick burst of energy if you're flagging a bit, either a banana or some jelly babies.


How late is your last meal?

Question • 12 answers

I have a habit of eating pretty late and i am trying to stop it. When do you eat your last meal? I am trying to figure out when should my last one be. Ive seen challenges like no eating after 7 or 8 pm but there are two problems. First i normaly go to bed a...

Newest answer

I would say stop eating after 8pm, but if you get that hunger feeling again you may want to look up Juicing..  That helps me whenever I am up past midnight. 


Do you have any tricks for fake hunger? I sometimes get r...

Question • 12 answers

Newest answer

I agree with the general opinion that water (or milk) will help fill you up, although if you are watching calories use water, rather than milk. When i feel hungry after meals, which is almost always, I just imagine that during the "hunger" I am burning fat...



Question • 17 answers

@ weeks ago i decided to stop drinking pop, coffee, energy drinks and alcohol but this past week i have headaches that come and go and was told it was because of the lack of caffeine. Could this be true?

Newest answer

I experience the same headaches when I quit caffeine. It is the caffeine and it takes a solid 2-3 weeks to properly ween off it. I recently gave up pop but didn't give up my tea. If you can make it through the first couple of weeks, you should be okay!


Are vegetables a good fuel option for endurance events?

Question • 5 answers

I guess this is a question for any nutritionists out there. I was recently diagnosed with binge eating disorder (BED) which exists comorbidly with bipolar I & anxiety. I'm on a truck load of meds, which I don't mind because they are working and I trust my p...

Newest answer

Um... Half Ironman and Ironman events seem like 'ACTUAL' endurance to me. Thanks for the comments peeps keep them coming.


Protein supplements which poweers bars do you use (or not?)

Question • 6 answers

Do you use powders, bars or not. If so why and what brand. If not why?

Newest answer

Yes I do. If I´m not eating food right after training or if I can´t wait for my next meal anytime  ;) I have some whey protein shake or a bar. Easy and if I´m in the risk of eating to little, at least I don´t want it to be my beloved protein :D


Cravings after a workout...

Question • 11 answers

After a work out i crave salty snacks. Is this normal? Should i give in or just keep doing what i'm doing and that is eating a piece of fruit like an apple?

Newest answer

Absolutely normal since you sweat and you lose salt. And its normal to replace some of that with food later just dont overdo it :)


How much water is too much water? Am i drinking too much ...

Question • 7 answers

I drink a gallon of water while at work (8 to 12 hour days) and i'll drink about 5 8oz glasses before going to bed.

Newest answer

So a gallon is about 4 litres which is at the top end. It all depends on what you do for work. If you have a job that is very physical them you may need that amount to stay hydrated. The easiet way to tell if you are hydrated enought is the colour of your u...


How much should I be eating for the amount that I work out?

Question • 6 answers

Was hoping someone might be able to help me a little bit. In the past year or so I've changed my lifestyle and generally become active and exercise more regularly. I'd still like to lose a little bit more weight (just now mostly due to Christmas indulgence...

Newest answer

It's not the number of calories that people need to keep watching. For example, if I use 2,400 cals per day and a cup of black coffee has 2 cals, what's to stop me drinking 1,200 cups of coffee to achieve my calorie goal? It's all down to the *quality* of t...


What's the best supplement to cut?

Question • 4 answers

I eat clean and train five days a week. Phedracut didn't do much for me.

Newest answer

I think the best plan is to tweak your diet, looking for shortfalls rather then using a supplement to aid with that.


Christmas Treats, What to do??

Question • 5 answers

For Christmas I got a lot of chocolate, sweets and biscuits. Wanna be healthy and tone up and all that but not sure how to go about these treats. Should I just eat them as normal or leave them or have it one a day or what would people recommend (I really wa...

Newest answer

I take any I get into work and give them to the lads in our Stores who obligingly scoff them! Luckily my pleas to friends and family this year stopped anyone giving me sweets and chocolate.  Give them away, or make them last months with the occasional treat...


Eat Before/ After A Workout?

Question • 13 answers

I've started going for early morning runs/ walks at about 5am.  I really can't stomach anything that early in the morning, not even fruit.  Should I force myself to eat something before or immediately after my workout?  Will a spoon of honey/ peanut butter...

Newest answer

It depends on your workout. If you're going for hard core cardio, it's always best to fuel your body. Post workout, your body needs to recover. So light, non-fat snacks are best. 


How often to drink beetroot juice

Question • 6 answers

I was taking beetroot in a recovery smoothie last year and found it great. This year I'm taking it before longer runs (twice a week). Do others take it before all runs or long training sessions? If so, why?

Newest answer

Beet root (usually as juice) is a supplement with a high Nitrate content that is said to improve physical performance secondary to Nitric Oxide. It appears to have some evidence for this claim in healthy athletes. It is now becoming a common 'pump' ingredi...



Question • 2 answers

I am trying to reduce sugar in my diet (got 7 lbs to lose) and replacing fruit with 1 tsp of maca (I heard its good for you and will thicken shakes without the sugar) I've heard mix reviews. Some say its great for weight loss, others say its terrible and wi...

Newest answer

No kidding lol. I am using Isopure and blended it with strawberries today. Actually worked well =) Thanks for your response!~


What to Eat Pre-Workout, Post-Workout?

Question • 4 answers

I currently eat 1 oz of almonds before workout And After I do 1 scoop of Whey Isolate protein with fruit. I didn't know whether its the right combo or not?

Newest answer

I was thinking of doing 1/2 cup of oats before workout and after workout [breakfast] 1 scoop of whey isolate protein =)


Running while trying to heal IT band injury

Question • 9 answers

Any tips for improving your IT band while not halting running or exercise? I want to train for my half marathon on Oct. 29? I heard just slow my pace down (I can run 8-8.5min miles) so would slow it to 9-9.5 min mile. I wanted to improve my speed but I supp...

Newest answer

You need to rest, trust me I ran through a hamstring issue and it sidelined me and I am still down well over a month now. Rest, in that time some yoga and look into what you need to cross train when you can get back. I pushed to hard and am paying the price...


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